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    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Nothing there jumps out at me... is it the entire feed that is disapproved or the individual items?
  2. mdtaylorlrim

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I uploaded earlier this morning. it works fine. There are a number of reasons your products could be marked as Disapproved, one being the quantity is zero. Copy the first three lines of your feed file and paste them here and lets have a look at it.
  3. mdtaylorlrim

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Interested in your opinion as to why...
  4. mdtaylorlrim

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Maybe this has been discussed before, but I had to make a couple of changes to my code in order to get it working for me correctly. Maybe I just misinterpreted the options settings. First, my shop is fully ssl secured. Not just the cart but all of it. So I added the option and conditional statement to set the URLs to https:// if the option is set to true. maybe you can consider that in a future release. And second, the option asked for domain name and not catalog root url so I entered just the domain name. The result was that all of the links were wrong in that none of them had the path correct. the /catalog/ was not included. But, I did not know, and still do not, if Google needs that domain name or if it is there just to build the URL in the script. Can you clarify that Jack? Excellent job again.
  5. mdtaylorlrim

    Header Tags SEO

    You were right, of course, but being the db person that I am I had to do it... here is the sql statement if it helps anyone. update products,products_description,products_to_categories,categories_description,manufacturers set products_description.products_head_keywords_tag = concat(manufacturers.manufacturers_name, ',', manufacturers.manufacturers_name, ',',categories_description.categories_name, ',', products_description.products_name) where products.products_id = products_description.products_id and products.products_id = products_to_categories.products_id and products_to_categories.categories_id = categories_description.categories_id and products.manufacturers_id = manufacturers.manufacturers_id [and categories_description.categories_name = "use_this_to_limit_to_single_category"]; I make no guarantees on this, of course..
  6. mdtaylorlrim

    Header Tags SEO

    Fixed mine right up...thanks
  7. mdtaylorlrim

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Is it common to see only 2% of the URLs in a sitemap indexed after 24 hours? Should we expect the percentage to increase over time? Or only after each re-submission?
  8. mdtaylorlrim

    Header Tags SEO

    Is there any advantage in combining keywords? Like "HP,Computer,HP Computer" Or is "HP,Computer" sufficient?
  9. mdtaylorlrim

    Header Tags SEO

    Having installed Header Tags SEO I now find myself trying to figure out how to manipulate the various tags. they all have been populated with generic tags and now I am wanting to start customizing the tags. Starting with the keywords. I want to change all the Keyword tags for a single category, but no other category. I can't seem to do that. I want the keywords to be ITEMNAME, CATEGORY, MANUFACTURER Is that possible? If not, what table are the tags in and I can do sql statements to alter them in that manner? Any problem doing it that way? /what is the best way to go about this? And a PS: I took the easy route and had this installed for a minimal charge and am very happy with the results and overall ease (not having to worry about it myself.) Thanks Jack.
  10. mdtaylorlrim

    Individual product vendor information help

    Disregard....my bad.
  11. I am attempting to install this add on, and following the instructions to the end it says to prepare the vendors.sql script and add you table-prefix. I don't have a clue what the table prefix is, if I use one, or how to find it if I do. I should probably know this but it really escapes me right now. Can someone give me a push in the right direction? Thanks
  12. mdtaylorlrim

    USA ePay module return page

    So, since my credit card processor set us up with USA ePay as the gateway and I am not the decision maker I have to make this work. At least put a little effort into... USA ePay requires that I send the customer to their secure form for payment. Once the payment is complete I have to tell it how to return back to my site for a completed transaction, and a declined transaction. So, with OSC 2.2rc2a what is the page that I need to return the customer to in each case? Or, does it happen automatically using HTTP_REFERRER variables? Any help would be greatly appreciated.