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  1. Hi, The person in the thread listed was an admin notification problem, whereas my problem appears to be that the order is not created. James
  2. catech

    protx (no order from admin)

    Ok Thanks, think our issus are slightly different James
  3. I did see that thread, just idn't link it with my roblem... been a long day. However it doesn't explain the incorrct order being passed throug to protx, or more precise incorrect quantity James
  4. catech

    protx (no order from admin)

    Hi, How did you resolve this issue? I'm gettingthe same problem, but not with every order James
  5. Hi, I have a customer using osc and protx, I'mfindingon anumber of occasions he receives an email saying that an amount has been taken with protx, but when he checks the rers in osc there is no mention of the order. Also, on a seperate occasion, an order in osc showed a quantity of two for one item, but protx had only taken payment for 1 item. An excerpt of my customers email is quoted below Again last weekend (14th April) we received from protx an order success notification only no matching order on our website. This was for a Mark P****** - we have customer details but no order? - No great problem we have the £ and have despatched the goods to Mr P******* but we have no record of the order on our system. Then yesterday evening (17th April 21.07hrs) we received a second order from a customer called Paul B***** however the protx order success notification and their system shows 1 x Aloe Vera Gel total £21.50 but our website shows an order for 2 x Aloe Vera Gel total £39.50?? As we have received the £ for 1 bottle I shall only despatch 1 bottle of gel, however I don't understand how the two systems could have different quantities? Finally on the customer address where they input their 'county' or 'state' we still have the issue that if the customer does not complete it defaults to 'Aldeney'. The cause of the problem is that from the list of counties many are missing so can we change this box to be free type rather than mandatory? Can anyone help me with this? I did originally think that the reason the order was not on osc was because the cstomer did not redirect back to osc from protx, but i'm not so sure now James
  6. catech

    Protx payments now broken

    Hi, Sorry for the delay. I'm using Protx Form James
  7. catech

    Protx payments now broken

    Hi, I got a site up and running late last year, but with other commitments, I never made it live. I had finished all the testing, and was ready to go live. Today, I have tried a test transaction, which worked fine previously, and now get the following error from the protx test server "If you supply an Address field, you must also supply the Post Code for that address." Has anyone any ideas what has happened? Have protx changed their policy? James
  8. catech

    Easy Discount

    Hi, Will this contribution do the following. If the value of the cart goes above a set value (71.50) excluding delivery charges, a 30% discount needs to be applied. Consequently, if the customer then removes an item, and the value of the cart goes below 71.50, the discount needs to be revoked. If this contribution does not do this, do you know of any that will? Cheers, James
  9. Hi, I am having problems with a new installation. I am wanting to use the Protx module and also IP Order Recorder module. When I complete a sale, I get this error. Any help would be appreciated James