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  1. How do I do , let the STS 4.6_1 can work on Oscommerce 2.3.x



    It can be done but you need to remove the current template system that was introduced in Osc v.2.3. It really isn't that serious of a modification if you follow the upgrade path from Osc v.2.2 to Osc v.2.3 (leaving out the changes that apply to the template system of course).


    I would love to submit my (incomplete) work for STSv5 that would be compatible with Osc v.2.3.1 but now that Osc v3 will be available, it really isn't worth it at this time. I'll wait to see how everything works with Osc v.3 first and then go from there.


    Here is the link with details on how to make STSv4.6 compatible with Osc v2.3

  2. how many times does this need to be covered? STS and 2.3.1 are NOT compatible without SERIOUS modification to 2.3.1, as the newer version uses an incompatible theme system



    Thanks Mark.


    It can be done but you need to remove the current template system that was introduced in Osc v.2.3. It really isn't that serious of a modification if you follow the upgrade path from Osc v.2.2 to Osc v.2.3 (leaving out the changes that apply to the template system of course).


    I would love to submit my (incomplete) work for STSv5 that would be compatible with Osc v.2.3.1 but now that Osc v3 will be available, it really isn't worth it at this time. I'll wait to see how everything works with Osc v.3 first and then go from there.

  3. Any help would be appreciated

    5th try to copy and paste in the files

    downloaded latest version of osCommerce

    downloaded latest version of STS V4.6

    tried copy and paste the folders

    tried copy and paste the files out of each of the folders

    all went to the correct spots

    I get the following error

    (by the way i am running this on my own server and the clean version runs well)

    i delete the contents of Catalog completely and copy a clean version into the directory

    i check that it runs properly

    Warning: require(C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\catalog\includes\application_top.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\catalog\index.php on line 13 Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required 'includes/application_top.php' (include_path='.;C:\php\pear') in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\catalog\index.php on line 13


    I noticed that people had uploaded complete solutions of 2.2 with sts and templates maybe Bill could save an endangered commodity(my hair :wacko: ) and upload a 2.3x with STS functioning

    or let me know how to fix the error but i like my first thought


    STSv4.6 does not work out of the box with osCv2.3.

    You need to make some modifications. Take a look at this post in the STS Support Thread.

  4. Please anyone, after reading post after post, user manual, google you name it.. I'm lost


    How exactly is a box added to the columns?

    I know you need to define it but yes


    Asking is free right?


    So in my old column left I had

      // Custom Product Builder
     if (substr(basename($PHP_SELF), 0, 12) != 'builder_main') {
       include(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'builder.php');


    My new sts_column_left.php I've made

      // Custom Product Builder
       require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'builder.php');
    $sts->restart_capture ('builderbox', 'box'); // Get Builder box


    and then sts_template.html I insert $buiderbox$


    On viewing my page there shows on the left $buiderbox$ between all the working other boxes.

    Now this got me baffled, I need to do another 4 more boxes and is stump with the first one


    Please could someone tell me in detail how this is done


    /* The following code is a sample of how to add new boxes easily.
     Use as many blocks as you need and just change the block names.
      require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'new_thing_box.php');
      $sts->stop_capture('newthingbox', 'box');  // 'box' makes the system remove some html code before and after the box. Otherwise big mess!

    Note: If $sts->stop_capture('newthingbox', 'box') is followed by $sts->start_capture, you can replace both by $sts->restart_capture('newthingbox', 'box')


    Also, make sure if you are using stop end characters as you stated above, $builderbox$, that all of your tags are using them as well. Otherwise, simply use $builderbox instead.


    Also, See this post:

  5. I have oscommerce running on xampp localhost for testing and learning. My question is:


    Can I install sts 4.6 on the localhost as per the instructions that come with the folder?


    Any other tips you can give will be appreciated.





    Yes. Configuring the localhost correctly is up to you. Most beginners error by using a default out of the box configuration for bundles such as Xamp which produces errors for a lot of PHP scripts such as osCommerce.

  6. Hmmmm , nobody??


    For now i have set my error_reporting level to 0 to stop the files from being filled up so i can address this in a later stage as this site needs to go live asap , but it seems to me that more people will have this problem and a solution has to be found sooner or later.

    Is there maybe a update coming to correct this PHP 5. .. problem? ( as i understood that it has to do with the change to PHP 5...)


    Gr, Rob



    This is most likely at the very bottom of most user's priority list as it does not cause any operational issues with osCommerce or STS.

  7. Had to move STS based website (host upgraded to PHP5 etc and globals-off) so took the opportunity of upgrading osC from 2.2MS-2 to 2.2Rc2a and reinstalled STS 4.6 dated 15 Feb 2010. When trying to access the website, I get this error message..


    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare sts_strip_unwanted_tags() (previously declared in /home/xxxxx/public_html/shop/includes/functions/sts.php:19) in /home/xxxxx/public_html/shop/includes/functions/sts.php on line 39


    Found mention of this problem on older STS forum (Post 497 24 Dec 2003) and tried suggested amend there, but to no avail.


    Can anyone point me in the right direction - please?


    Code around line 39 is...


    // Now let's un-reverse it

    $tmpstr = strrev($tmpstr);

    // print "<hr>After cleaning tmpstr:" . strlen($tmpstr) . ": FULL=[". htmlspecialchars($tmpstr) . "]<hr>\n";

    return "\n<!-- start $commentlabel //-->\n$tmpstr\n<!-- end $commentlabel //-->\n";


    // STRIP_CONTENT_TAGS() - Remove text before "body_text" and after "body_text_eof"

    function strip_content_tags($tmpstr, $commentlabel) {

    // Now lets remove the <tr><td> that the require puts in front of the tableBox

    $tablestart = strpos($tmpstr, "<table");

    $formstart = strpos($tmpstr, "<form");


    It would have been better to uninstall the older version of STS and then install v4.6.

    Try this: Use a file comparison tool such as Beyond Compare to compare your current setup with the STSv4.6 contribution. Remove any STS files/code that is not part of STSv4.6.

    Note: STSv4.6 does not have any issues such as you are experiencing.

  8. Hello I tried about 2 days to install STS but without any good result, so I installed a new clean osCommerce and want to install it manually, I read it is better, but in the first file listed in tutorial that I should modify: catalog/admin/modules.php

    Find: switch ($set) {


    I didn't find this one in the whole module.php I used search a lot of times, and checked by myself also, can anyone help me with this problem that don't allow me to sleep for 2 days :)


    STS currently does not work with osc v2.3.1 unless you uninstall the stock template engine. STS will work with osc RC2a.

  9. I'm using a very old version of STS so I'm not sure if the setup is still the same, but...

    In sts_templates/mysite/templatename.html

    add beneath <body>

    <? include"/home/path/path/catalog/includes/sts_templates/mysite/header.html"; ?>



    The solution is listed in the STS User Manual as well as examples in the STS Power Pack download site (link in my signature below).

  10. So I'm scratching my head on what is the best route to take. If OSC V3 official release will be ultimate then I can worry about that at that time, or if STS is released for the later versions. I'm thinking that I should just run with the V2.2 but now if I can find the download? Or any suggestion?



    For those who can't wait for the STSv5 release that is compatible with osCv2.3.1, I suggest the following:

    1. upgrade to osCv2.3.1 using the upgrade guide but leave out the default osCommerce template upgrades.

    2. Then, install STSv4.6 using the "manual" method within the STSv4.6 install instructions.


    What the above will get you is the following:

    1. The latest osCommerce stable build (minus the default template engine)

    2. The latest version of the Simple Template System.


    Note: Many are finding the default template engine that comes with osCv2.3.1 very daunting and limiting. By leaving out the template engine, you still get all of the great security upgrades that osCv2.3.1 brings as well as a very easy to use template system (STSv4.6).


    :( I have experienced a string of tragedies in the last 3 months that has really taken up my time, hence, the long wait for STSv5.


    :thumbsup: If anyone wants to collaborate on bringing STSv5 to a reality, and contribute, here is what should be considered:


    1. STSv5 install needs to focus on either disabling the default template engine in osCv2.3.1, or better yet, configure STSv5 to take advantage of the new template engine and work along side of it (bring STS functionallity to the template engine).


    2. The latter suggestion would continue the strong tradition of keeping STS an on/off option in the admin, meaning that if you want to see what your shop looks like without STS, just simply turn it off in the admin and then the default template engine would work just like a stock osCv2.3.1 shop.

    The other benefit of this is that once the bulk of the other contributions are upgraded to work with osCv2.3.1, then STSv5 would not conflict with them. Yet, an even better scanario would be to have an either/or option in the admin to have STSv5 work along side of the default template engine or alone as the current STSv4.6 does. I metion this only because some designers may not want to use the grid system that comes with the default template engine and would rather stick with what they know, which is what makes STS so great anyway.


    3. Redo all of the sample templates to work with STSv5/osCv2.3.1.


    4. Consider droping support for older versions of osC (before v2.3.1). I don't recommend this as there is a huge shop base out there built on older versions of osCommerce.


    If needed, you can send me your work/email contact info via a private message in this forum.

  11. OK , for everybody with the same problem.


     is the Byte Order Mark (BOM) of the Unicode Standard , and it shows up if a page is saved in the wrong way.

    In this addon the file :sts_template.html is saved as a dos\windows file were it should be saved as a UTF-8.


    If you have the same problem than download the file with ftp and use Notepad++ or similar to check the file and save it as a UTF-8 file , than upload it to your server and your done.

    This worked perfect for me , just save the file first before you start doing things to it ;-).


    btw , i know sh*t about this stuf therefor , if i used wrong names or expressions , don´t kill me ,it will work anyways........ ;-)



    First off, if you have been reading in the STS Forum, Why not post all of the above there??


    The Byte Order Mark is an old relic which is mostly caused by the editor that you are using to create your pages. Dig deep into the settings of your editor and change the settings that would cause the BOM to display. This mostly happens with Microsoft Front Page or Microsoft Expression Web. Both editors allow you to modify the settings in order to remove the BOM.


    See you in the STS Forums.

  12. I restored my site from a backup and afterwards my STS tags are not working. I checked my files and STS is installed but when i load a template it only shows the STS tags.



    Try uninstalling STS via the STS Default Module and log out of the admin. Log back into the admin and then reinstall STS via the STS Default Module.

  13. Ok, everything looks good except for two things. The "Sign in" and the "$logoff" show up as text and don't do anything. I copied and pasted and replaced my site information. I left everything else as is. Thank you, by the way!



    Be sure the paths are correct for each link in the code I provided previously....

    For example:

    "/create_account.php" - Add in your subfolder name if your store is not in the root of the site.


    Add a "$" at the end of the logoff tag: $logoff$

  14. I'm sorry.....It's loginboxv5.4_in_header. I was sleepy when I wrote that.


    Here, look..... http://www.cherishedmomentsgifts.com (STS turned off)


    That's all it looks like in my header! I just want a login box in my header instead of my left or right column. But this add-on pulls it from an add-on that used the box in the right column and, when I use the tag $loginbox$, it looks like the original box instead of the header login box.



    Why not just simply add the form to anywhere you want in your STS Template?


    <!--  add this to your sts template file. --->
    <div id="login">
    <form action="[url="http://YOURSITE.COM/YourSiteStoreDirectory/login.php?action=process"]http://YOURSITE.COM/YourSiteStoreDirectory/login.php?action=process[/url]" method="post" name="login" >
    Login:<input type="text" name="email_address"/><br/>
    Password:<input type="password" name="password"/><br/>
    <a id="sign_in" onclick="login.submit()">Sign in</a>
    <a id="sign_up" href="/create_account.php">Sign up</a>
    <a id="forgot" href="/password_forgotten.php">Forgot?</a><br/>
    </div> <!-- end of login -->


    Of course...you will need to replace " YOURSITE.COM/YourSiteStoreDirectory " with your actual URL and store directory (if not installed in the root).

  15. I'm having a problem with the admin side that I can't figure out. I've narrowed it down to STS - meaning it works without STS and the only contribution I installed is STS and it has this problem.


    My site worked fine on my local host - wamp server, Apache 2.2.11 (win32), php 5.2.11, and mysql 5.1.36.

    My ISP is using Apache 1.3.41(Unix), PHP 5.2.6 and mysql 5.1.45.


    Once I upload, the site admin/modules shows the modules I've installed but does not allow me to configure them. It has the install button and when pressed - looks like it is trying to process but nothing happens. The directory location for the module is shown in the center part of the screen.


    I have started from a fress install twice now - works fine locally and when I move to the ISP - it dies. I have checked the permissions, directory structure, etc. several times and had my ISP check them. All seems ok. On the last fresh install it works with just OSc 2.2 and when I add in STS it has this problem.


    My ISP is telling me that it is an issue with fastCGI. I'm not a php person so I would not know how to look at that. Has anyone else experienced this and have any idea how to solve it?


    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Are you simply transferring the local site to the remote site? What version of osC are you using? Is it the same version on both sites?


    This appears to be nothing more than a bad FTP transfer. Try uploading all of the files again or change FTP client software.

  16. I have been on these forums so much over the past couple of weeks that my eyes are crossing. It took me 48 hours just to figure out how to make a drop-down box that WASN'T for products (it was a form for them to fill out to ask for advice before buying my products). Now I've been searching through STS forum for the last hour and a half and I still don't understand how to get an infobox to show up on my pages. I added a custom box to my front page (before STS) and, now that I've turned STS on, it's gone! I have read so much that I just can't read anymore! Can someone please tell me what goes in what file?! PLEASE?!!!! Sorry for being so grouchy. A person can just only handle so much of these forums! Right now I'm pretty much guilty of just about every thing listed under the "How to make a horrible OSC site" (or however it's worded)....except that I've followed the security suggestions (YAY!). Right now, I'm trying to make a pretty template but I'm already stuck.


    The good thing is that I'm learning alot.....but, tonight....I'm just not in the mood for this, anymore! PLEASE HELP before I pull my hair out! :-(





    The STS User Manaul tells you how to do this:


    4.2.1 Add new variables in sts_user_code.php


    If you want to add any new boxes or template variables, add them in the

    includes/modules/sts_inc/sts_user_code.php file. An example of the correct code syntax is provided in the file.




    When adding a new contribution to your store that adds a new infobox, you will need to define a new STS tag for the new infobox being created by that contribution.


    How to add a new infobox variable(tag) to STS:

    Add this code to sts_user_code.php

      require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'infobox_name.php');
      $sts->stop_capture('infobox_name', 'box');


    The above would create a STS user tag called $infobox_name$. Place this tag anywhere in your template where you want this new box to appear.



    Change what you need to make it work for your specific box name.

    In the sample above, the new box being added was infobox_name.

  17. Bill


    with the supposedly impending release of v2.3 (which was going to be last month) will an update to STS be required to continue using it with this new version as i see it has seperated a lot of the html away from the php in the code i have seen.


    I just began playing with v2.3 last week and since then the code has already been changed regarding the tables....



    So... Yes, STS will need to be updated to be used with v2.3. I have begun doing that but until the final release of v2.3, I really do not know what I will be working with.

  18. I'm having a problem with using the ie conditional and the sts module, for some reason (and I've tried almost everything) when I do the if gte IE 7 or IE etc to link a special css it simply doesn't work. I can even leave the special css empty and it still will default to the standard css I'm using. I'm going crazy trying to figure this out...


    If I put some text on the conditional it shows on the top of the page, so I know it's detecting the IE version correctly but it will not load the css for some reason sad.gif.



    Check your doctype for each template page.

  19. Yes, oh really!

    Don't waste everyone's time by double posting. I answered your previous thread. Do you really think we provide 24 hour free support on this forum that you would get instantaneous responses??


    Yes, you do have osCommerce....or you did. But, you installed OSC to CSS which is basically a fork (a spin off) of osCommerce. OSC to CSS makes so many changes to the core code of osCommerce that it is now incompatible with most other add-ons without making extensive changes to those as well.


    It is either "STS" or "OSC to CSS" unless you can find someone willing to make all of the necessary modifications for you to make them compatible.


    Don't misunderstand what I am saying... I am not saying that "OSC to CSS" is a bad add-on. What I am saying is that at this time, no one has bothered to make the two compatible with each other. They would probably be a nice marriage.



  20. Hi everyone,


    Could I use also the latest release to work with OS 3?


    Thanks for the answer


    No, not at this time. Maybe a later STS release but the current 4.6 and older is not compatible with osC v3.x.


    thumbsup.gif A new (final) version of the osCommerce 2.2 series is about to released as v2.3. I will be working to make STS compatible with that version first.

  21. Are you saying I should be using Tableless OSCommerce w/templates uploaded July 1, 2010 instead of the newer version OSC to CSS version 2.0 uploaded Sept. 15, 2010? Please be more specific so I know how to proceed.


    Thank you,

    - - - -



    No, what I am saying is that the add-on "OSC to CSS" has made so many modifications to the core of osCommerce that it really isn't osCommerce anymore. So, you really can't follow the installation instructions for STS.


    I haven't had the time to look at that contribution to see what would be needed to make the two compatible but as far as I see it now it would be one or the other but not both.