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  1. Starz, I think the most important thing to know about STS Plus 4.07 is that it allows you to "layout" and "design" your store the way "you" want to, even without knowing a ton of PHP to do it. As a matter of fact, the only PHP that you will encounter is the "tag links" that STS Plus 4.07 uses to call for the "real" PHP code. Take a look at the store that I am working on at the moment. (hatoverheels.com) Click on the "hatalog" link to see more "action". I'm not using this forum to make a plug for a client's store that I am currently working on, but I am providing this link so that all can see the usefullness of this contribution. I have created this store with STS Plus 4.07 being the only additional modified contribution to the default OsCommerce store. I have "turned off" all my products for sale in the the Admin section so you will not be able to make any purchases. (proof that I am not trying to abuse the purpose of these forums) Unfortunately, this also means you will not be able to view any of the product images as well. This store has a planned "go live" date of March 18, 2006. Start out by making a killer web site using whatever knowledge you have. (all HTML, flash or whatever) Now you will want to integrate your Oscommerce store into your website.STS Plus 4.07 allows you to do this in a very simple way. Add the following code to your existing web page: (this last line is a link to your oscommerce stylesheet that controls most of the colors that you see in your infoboxes and fonts) You can edit this anyway you like so that the colors match your site. Now you can start adding the main STS tags that you want included in your HTML template. You do not have to add any, of course that would mean that no one would be able to view your store. You can see a list of the tags in the document that came with the contribution. Add as many as you need. The tags look like the following: Here is an example HTML code snippet from my site to show you how you can easily place these tags: As you can see, it's just a matter of placing them where you want them. Have fun!
  2. starz, I know the install might be a little confusing so I will try to make it simple for you. Installation - Make a backup of your application. (for this installation, I would suggest just making a folder on your computer called "oscommerce_backup" and copy ALL your oscommerce files and folders to this folder.) - Upload new files to your application. All new files are located in the "upload" folder. (Do not upload the actual folder called "upload" but rather the contents of this folder.) You will upload these files and folders to your store directory, for you it would be your root drive. The folders included in the sts download "upload" folder are the following: includes classes functions languages english modules sts modules sts sts_inc sts_templates test content So, for the above folders, insert them into the appropriate folders of the same name in your store. Since you already have a www.yourstorefolder/includes, you would only put the contents of the "includes" folder there, not another folder within the folder. You may be overthinking this a bit. It's really pretty simple. If you someone gave you an apple basket full of apples but you already had an apple basket, you would just dump or "upload" the addition apples into your exiting apple basket and throw away the new apple basket. ;) - If you have a fresh MS2 installation, you can copy the files from the folder "fresh" over your catalog. (Don't be fooled by this step. This is an either/or statement. You must EITHER copy the files from the "clean_osc" folder into your store directories OR do the manual edits to each one of the pages on your own. You NEED these files in addition to the files in the Upload folder. - If you have a modified shop, you can use a comparison program to update your shop with the files in the folder "fresh", and forget the manual modifications. (Do this step only if you chose the "OR" option in the previous step. This step is included for those who have a lot of contributions already installed and would rather dig into the "nuts-an-bolts" of STS Plus on thier own to have more control over the installation. This is a good thing but if you don't need it, you can skip this step. That's all there is to the file uploads anyway. :- Once you have the contribution uploaded, follow the Configuration steps in the install HTML file that was included. Hope this helps, Bill Kellum
  3. I have the TinyMCE installed in my catalog directory. Should I have installed it in the Admin directory or maybe in the root of my public_html folder on my server? Thanks for your help, Bill Kellum
  4. One more thing...this gets a lot of people confused.... You will also have to copy the "clean_osc" folder and all of it's files as well into the same named folders on your root folder. For example: "Admin" to your "Admin" folder, "Includes" to your "Includes" folder. You actually onle need the files within each folder. Do not add and additional "Admin" folder inside your current "Admin" folder, just add the files. Good luck, Bill Kellum
  5. Starz, in your particular install, you would only need to copy the "includes" folder and all of it's subfolders and files into your root directory. (I'm talking about the includes folder from the "Upload" folder that came with the STS Plus 4.07 contribution) By doing this, you will overwrite any existing files with the "same name" that already exists in your default includes folder on your root directory but your other existing files will remain intact. To try and make this easier for you to understand, let's take a look at what an oscommerce store directory would look like if it were installed in the "catalog" folder: Catalog Admin Download Images Include Pub "all_additional_files".php You would upload the STS files in the "Include" folder that you see above. However; in your case the "Catalog" folder is actually your root directory. As far as the modifications that you made, I would get the STS going as you can easily redo your modifications. Besides, you may not care about doing those modifications once you see how easy it is to use regular HTML to edit your shop. Hope this helps. Bill Kellum
  6. Becki, I have designed my own graphic navigational bar at the top of my site to intergrate nicely with the rest of my site just as you have mentioned. I have not ran into any issues using this method. I prefer this method because it makes my site stand out from the rest as well as giving me the control over my navigation. Good luck, Bill Kellum
  7. The "easiest" way to do this is to upload an image of the same name (oscommerce.gif) to your store's image folder. This will replace the default logo with your own logo. Good luck, Bill Kellum
  8. Your root directory has become your "catalog", just copy anything to your root that was asked to copy to your "catalog". I will admit, I have not tried this but I am very familiar with the STS and I don't see any problem for you. No problem at all...this is exactly how I installed my copy.
  9. You can easily use the following javascript to perform a redirect from your root directory to your store directory: <html> <head> <title>Easy Redirect</title> </head> <body> You will be redirected to http://www.yourstoredirectory.com. <script language="JavaScript"> var URL = " http://www.yourstoredirectory.com"; self.location = URL; </script> </body> </html> or you could also use a META TAG as in the following example: I would recommend you put your store back in it's original folder and use one of the above examples. I do believe there is a contribution that would also solve your problem but can't remember which one it is. Do a search on google using the following search code: By the way, this is a much better way to search these forums than the search features at the top of the forum page. ;) Good Luck, Bill Kellum
  10. Rigadin, I created a new folder in my sts_templates folder called "test2". When I use the following URL to view my template in this new folder, I don't see any of the infoboxes skins: http://www.soundsgoodpro.com/eshop/index.p..._template=test2 Do you have any idea what could be going wrong? I want to take advantage of the administrator template view without disturbing my "live" site. Thanks, Bill Kellum
  11. I have Tiny_mce installed using the ACA v2 module. I have not been able to use it as of yet since it is not showing up on my products screen in my Admin -Catalog - Categories/Products - add a new product page. Here is an image of what I am getting: I have spent many days and hours trying to get Tiny_mce and ACA 2.4 to work. Thanks for any help any of you can provide. Bill Kellum
  12. Rig gave me the answer that I needed. Turns out that I had a white space at the end of my last PHP code in the following file "/admin/includes/languages/english.php". Once I deleted the space, the error message went away. Thanks Rig!!
  13. I have copied the ACA module for Tiny_MCE and when I go to install Tiny_MCE from the Admin/module panel in Oscommerce, I get the following error message: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/sounkel6/public_html/eshop/admin/includes/languages/english.php:310) in /home/sounkel6/public_html/eshop/admin/includes/functions/general.php on line 22 The only module that I have installed besides ACA 2.4 is STS Plus Template System. Does this have anything to do with my error message? I followed the instructions from ACA 2.4 regarding Tiny_MCE and ignored the instructions that came with the Tiny_MCE download from Moxiecode.com. Did I miss something here? Thanks for any help you can provide. Bill Kellum
  14. bkellum

    STS Plus Templates

    STS Plus is Awesome!! Can someone point me in the right direction for STS Plus templates (free or purchase). I would love to see some of the included STS Plus "original_filename.php.html" templates with some actual html content to get some good layout ideas. Sorry, my brain learns in reverse-engineering mode. Thanks for any links you could provide. Bill