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  1. aapinen

    Suomi - Finland payment modules

    Here are some. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri.../search,finnish Does anyone has the new Luottokunta (Visa/mastercard) modules which would work? There has been some changes and the old doesnt work anymore.
  2. aapinen


    When I want to do that some categories would not make points to the customer (Enable Categories ID Restriction), will those points still be seen in the product info? Or does the points still be seen in the product info, but those points wont come anyway? Becouse I have ultimate SEO and there is .html in each product.
  3. aapinen

    Dynamic SiteMap

    Being more accurate I think they moved my pages to an other server and so there might be other changes than just the MySQL version.
  4. aapinen

    Dynamic SiteMap

    I have similar problem as did Modom. This doesnt affect anything there just comes this error but everything works ok. Also there comes error when I make a back-up from my database but that works also ok. These problems came when my hosting company upgraded their server from MySQL 4 to 5 (maybe other upgrades too) But I guess I could get rid of these errors by contactin my hosting company. But will there be new problems with that and what should I say them to do? Should I say them to open_basedir setting and make sure it is set to "no value" as Jack said? Do I get bigger problems with that?
  5. aapinen

    Integrating a wiki with oscommerce

    This is interesting idea. I would be also interested about this.
  6. aapinen

    SMF Contribution problem

    Has anyone got this contribution working in version 1.0.8 or under MySQL 5? Im having errors like: and
  7. aapinen


    May I ask why do you not recommend longer cookie lifetime than 7 days (604,800 seconds)?
  8. I would be also very interested about this. So that client could reserve time (veterinary) and maybe pay it too. Here are some but not OSC
  9. aapinen


    So does it matter for the database size or speed if I put the cookie lifetime for week or year? I mean do I get huge database size if putting long cookie lifetime? (sorry my english)
  10. aapinen


    My customer asks how does this thing work practically. Do I lie a lot if I told him that: - When customer press the banner, it will save a cookie to customers browser - When customer buy something the cookie will tell us that the banner was pressed earlier Another question: does it matter for a databaze that how long the cookie time will be set. eg. If I put the cookie lifetime for 2 months, does it affect to my database anyway or is it just the cookie lifetime in the clients browser?
  11. aapinen

    Recover Cart Sales

    Has there been issues with Fast Easy Checkout -contribution after installed this?
  12. aapinen


    So when I got voice like this: Sub-Total 358.01EUR Tax 25.06EUR Total 383.07EUR Do I pay for companys Sub-Total, and for regular people Total?
  13. found this! But there seems to bugs? Is there better contributions, or anyone got experience from this one?
  14. I have products which only certain customers are allowed to buy, is this possible to do with OSC? So that these special customers would be only the see some special cathegories?
  15. aapinen


    I think my problem was solved with this (thanks Jan from Norway ). I have only one language (finnish) and it ID is 4. Now I changed this thing in the database manually. So if you have weird problems in a admin/affiliate_payment.php this might help you too.