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    [Contribution] FCKosc 2.2 Support

    Hi everybody, I searched the whole Forum and also Google, but everything I found did not work. So here is my question(s): How do I set FCKeditor (a great contrib by the way) to use the images folder from my shop? Is thre any opportunity to get rid of the "creating Image/Flash/File-Subfolder-Feature"? thanx in advance Georg
  2. Hi everybody, I searched the whole topic, but all I found was a similar question, but no answer to it: Look at this Post My problem is to integrate the WYSIWYG HTML Area into the Category Description Pages, so that I would be able to insert custom HTML (like News, Events and Product-Highlights) into each Category-Overview-Page, based on the Main Category. Is there anybody, who solved this Problem and is able to help me out... Thanx a lot in advance Georg
  3. I searched the german and the english forum for two days now and I also did a Google Search, but I havn't found anything regarding my problem: I installed xsell v2.2 on a shop with SPPC implemented, so far everything is ok, but the recommendations-box shows up on every article, even if there are no crosssell products defined in the admin. This box only shows the header and the empty rectangle but just the border and no body. I am desperate, has anybody some hints or a clue how to get rid of this problem? Any help would be aprechiated!! Thanx in advance Georg