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  1. feerhei

    Recurring Billing

    I have this issue too. driving nuts for a while now.
  2. feerhei

    USPS Module Help Please!

    I am having the same issue and client lost tons fo sales because of it.... it was working fine before this. site has been up a bit then suddenly it is defaulting and called postal service and they say it isnt their issue... thinks something stinks
  3. feerhei

    PayQuake Error

    Being a Designer and not programmer i am having the hardest time trying to figure this out and would love any help with this. I installed the contrib just as instructions told me and got the right curl path. Can anyone pretty please help me with this and tell me what could be wrong? Happens right when you comfirm the order. thanks
  4. feerhei

    Shipping wieght - help

    Building Jewerly site where things are less than a pound. If they buy 1 necklace... says it is one pound. Well that is fine, my problem is that say they buy a necklace, a charm, and a bracelet, says it is 3 pounds. but in real life it is still less than a pound. If there anyway to get it to adjust right? so it stays 1 pound? Please help
  5. feerhei

    Shipping wieght - help

    thanks found that :) testing it out.