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  1. Hi Jack, Thanks for the info, i will try to covert the code. Thanks again for all ur help. Cheers, Mario
  2. Hi Jack, Yes its pretty old version when MySql 5.0 is the latest i guess. Untill now i havent had any problem with the shop or the contributions either. So what do you suggest? Just changing the this particular query will help or i will have further issues due mysql version? Thanks for your reply and the great support you provide to everyone here! Regards, Mario
  3. Hi Jack, Thanks for your reply. I am working on MySQL 3.23.49. I tried to run the querry in my phpmyadim and it gave the same error, Is this a MySql version related problem? if so, can i fix the querry? unfortunately I wont be able to update MySql version.
  4. Hi, I am facing the same error when i try to go inside the categories to view the links. Did anyone find a fix for this problem? Below is our list of links for the Your category. 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'xor ld.language_id = '99')' at line 1 select count(l.links_id) as total from links_description ld, links l, links_to_link_categories l2lc where l.links_status = '2' and l.links_id = l2lc.links_id and ld.links_id = l2lc.links_id and l2lc.link_categories_id = '2' and ( ld.language_id = '1' xor ld.language_id = '99') [TEP STOP] Can anyone help pls?