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  1. Jud

    AJAX Shopping Cart

    I didn't use a contribution, All of it is custom for my store. Its really not that hard though, you may want to look at the mootools javascript library, which is the library I used.
  2. Jud

    AJAX Shopping Cart

    When I said cross-browser, I should have said "cross-browser that I care about" ;-) ... as it is, less than 1 percent of my customers use opera, in fact, it is only 12 per year. The big two (or 3 depending on how u look at it) are IE 6 and 7, and then the 12% share held by firefox, which all show no problems with using the ajax features on Judson.biz
  3. Jud

    AJAX Shopping Cart

    I have created a nice little cross-browser ajax enabled shopping cart. You can see it in action at <a href="http://judson.biz/shopping_cart.php">Judson.biz</a>... This works with attributes, and allows removal, and updating of quantities. I removed the "update cart" button, but since this is unobtrusive javascript, if I were to add back the update cart button, the shopping cart would work as usual. Feel free to check out the code. -Jud
  4. Jud

    Fedex real time quote

    I would maybe check the modules code. There is probably something like $add_weight = 1. Which would add 1 pound to the weight. I have seen something like this in the ups contrib, so it is probably worth checking and seeing if that is what is causeing you problem. jud
  5. Jud

    Store CC info

    I am looking into coding a module that would use High Grade PGP encryption to store the customers CC numbers in the mysql databse. This would allow my customers to order faster and make the checkout process have less problems. Do you think that PGP encryption would be enough encryption to keep the card numbers safe. I don't know if we are going to actually do this yet, as there is a lot of liability that comes with storing the cc numbers on the server. Jud
  6. Jud

    Need a module, help!

    couldnt you just use a table rate? Jud
  7. Jud

    Simple Template System

    what kind of changes are you looking to make? because you could just edit the column_left.php file and accomplish any changes you want to the left conlumn. eg, take out boxes, add boxes, etc... Jud
  8. Jud

    Simple Template System

    DON'T use the STS contribution. Although it makes layout soooo easy, it uses TOO many database queries! Everything you can do with STS, you can do by editing the stylesheet and some basic php. Jud
  9. Jud

    osC_Categories MS2-2.2

    After looking at the code I found the error, I thought that it was just a mistake I might have made when altering the code, but I guess everyone is having this problem. I will post the code later today. Jud
  10. Jud

    Faster Page Loads

    mibble, you have whitespace after the last '?>' in config_cache.php
  11. Jud

    bulk order discount?

    do a search in the contrib section for "sensitive". This will give you the module that you are looking for. Judson Stephenson www.Judson.biz
  12. I Have installed the salemaker contribution and done exactly what the instructions say, I have looked over the code my self too. But after editing the product_listing_col page the images dissappear. I can't seem to find out where the problem is. Any help is appreciated
  13. Jud

    Bank Transfer V1.0

    Did you run the SQL file when you installed the contrib?
  14. default.php was used in MS1, index.php is used in MS2, which is what you are running I assume. Just edit index.php instead of default. But you might run into some compatibility errors installing an MS1 contrib on an MS2 site.
  15. Jud

    get shipping quote without login?

    Try installing the "Ship in cart" this will allow the user to get a quote from the shopping cart, so they don't have to be logged in. Jud