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  1. Mike25

    Bundled products

    hy guys, i tried to make this great contribution work for me on heavy modified OSC, everything is ok in the admin side. The problem is because i cannot get bundles visible on product info? any ideas why? please help
  2. hy i have problem with editing and adding products or categories. every time i add (edit) products or categories they become featured sets active. i want manually activate featured sets not automatic. Mike
  3. hi guys, the things are getting even harder. sometimes i get all picturesb in product listing and featured sets and sometimes the product listing row shrinks with no image. what to do
  4. oh no, i did what you told me for non active products but they appear although
  5. with original categoriese.php it works. when i compare my categories.php and original in contrib i can't find the difference. it s truth that i have instaled about 400 additional lines in my code, but can't find why it won't work. i think that uploading my categories.php is a little bit insane - about 100k. what to do now. please help because now i know it works :) thanks for other help, i managed to work everything ok. best regards, Miha
  6. i noticed another problem. featured sets seems to take even those products which are not active. so it gives broken link...
  7. i must be dumb. everything i checked twice, still no go. i have another question. i use graphic infobox header and i m not sure where to apply them. i already changed the shadow image, but have to do some code to get header box image look different. u can check it here if you want: avhit
  8. i am experiencing problem depending on the More Pics contribution. do u use it too? the fact is that i left original image in product info untouched and on the bottom of product info i show other pictures if they are available - those are not shown. anybody had the same problem?
  9. i have problem with png transparency. i installed all two additional files but it doesn't work for me. what to do now?
  10. check in the thumbnails directory exists in root directory and if chmod is set to 777
  11. Mike25

    Cart Information in Header

    great contrib. i would like to be able to open the shopping cart when click on the shopping cart swf object.
  12. yes i did that ok. don't know where went wrong :(
  13. surfalot thanks for your help. yeah it just comes back as off. i probably did something stupid. hop you can help me. thanks for your contribution. it took you a lot of time i think. best regards, Miha
  14. i have another problem now. i can set featured for categories and subcategories, but cannot set it for single products (don't get green in administration). What could be wrong?
  15. guys what i did wrong???: