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  1. Hi All, I searched for some sort of donation module that would allow someone who donates to the organization, to get 50% off all items. What I tried was to make a product called 'Donation' and then give it 'Product Attributes' of several dollar amounts (10, 25, 50). What I am trying to end up with is to supply only these people who donate to get a coupon to allow them a %50 discount on all items. Its easy to make the coupon and to add the product with the attributes, where I am stumped is how to automatically tie the 2 together. Has anyone ever done this or know an easier way (ie module) to do this? Thanks, Don
  2. Hi All, I have osCommerce on 2 of my sites and now for some strange reason, the one site is thinking that any location in Canada is the state "ZZ" and giving me the "111286: ZZ is not a valid state abbreviation for Canada." error with the UPS XML module. This was working and is still working on the other site. This site is running on a Linux box. PHP 5.2.5 MySQL 5.045 UPS XML 1.3.5 (was the 1.3.3 and I upgraded to see if it would fix the problem and it did not fix it) And the site without this error Windows 2003 server Apache PHP 5.2.53 MySQL 5.022 UPS XML 1.3.3 I am not sure why this is happening. I appreciate any help, in advance, Don
  3. Dmacman

    Back order notice

    Hi Everyone, I am not sure which topic this would fit under, so I posted here. Is there a mod out that tells the customer when an item is on back order (and can you specify a certain size - like only the Large and X-Large Jackets if using "Products Attributes")? It would be nice to be able to the customers when these items are on back order, vs, just delaying them order manually sending them emails. Thanks for the help in advance, Don
  4. Hi All, Does anyone know of any add ons besides this one that gives you a title drop down (IE: Mr/Mrs/Etc.) I looked into this one, but the author assumes you are going to replace all your files with the ones supplied (or you using a new install) either case, I cannot use this mod. Unless I want to risk comparing these dozen plus files line by line with my live site and not messing it up. (no thanks). I would install it if they supplied mod instructions, file by file as usual. Thanks in advance, Don
  5. Dmacman

    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    I have seen several posts to this, but no specific answer. How to resolve the /store/category becomes /store/category.html ???? And in the Install.txt it says I am on a Windows platform (My server and I am the ISP) I have this set to /tmp is this correct? And this. An example would help. Thanks in advance, Don
  6. Dmacman

    CCGV mysql_insert)id errors

    I have the Trad CCGV Installed and now, when I try to enter a new copoun after previewing, I get. Warning: mysql_insert_id(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in store\admin\includes\functions\database.php on line 94 That line is ... return mysql_insert_id($$link); and I read a post from someone else with this type of error to change. $insert_id = tep_db_insert_id($gv_query); to $insert_id = tep_db_insert_id(); in gv_send.php and that did not help. The coupon is not being assigned a coupon_id in the coupons_description table. Has anyone seen/resolved this? Thanks, Don
  7. Hi All, I am not sure this exists, but I am looking for a mod, of suggestions for a category to products tree. I have found dozens of category to sub-category trees. but our site is small and I would like to list the products under the category in the column_left.php panel. IE: (note: for layout purposes I am using a - for a space, since it strips them out) DVDs --First Title --Second Title Clothing --T-shirt --Baseball cap All I can find is DVDs --Rock --Country And then if you click "Rock" you would get the first title. I know I could make a sub-category called the actual DVD, but that seems like a hack way. Does anyone know of such a mod? Thanks in advance, Don
  8. Hi everyone, I am confused on the status of support on CCGV. I downloaded and installed CCGV (trad) and then noticed that Vger seems to have switched support sites. (I wont link to that post since I may be wrong and do not want to confuse anyone else). And then I found this thread. So is this a version of CCGV that is different than the (trad) version? Also, I installed the (trad) version and I am having an issue with the coupon names and wonder should I un-install it and install the one this thread supports? Some guidance would be greatly appreciated (since osCommerce and these mods are all I know and will work with). Thanks a bunch, Don
  9. Hi All (Vger), I am having a brain hiccup, but I cannot find any reference to adding a define to the database_tables.php file for the CCGV tables. I think that is why I am getting this error on a new install. I have CCGV installed on an ISP hosted site and checked that file and the only reference to "COUPONS" is this (which doesnt solve it). define('TABLE_DISCOUNT_COUPONS', 'discount_coupons'); define('TABLE_DISCOUNT_COUPONS_TO_ORDERS', 'discount_coupons_to_orders'); Sorry Vger, but where did I not RTM correctly? Thanks, Don //-----> edit <-----// I noticed that it is looking for ooscommerce.table_coupon_gv_customer and the ccgv.sql file set it up as ... But still I would think that the database_tables.php file would need a define...
  10. Hi All, I am setting up my second osCommerce site. The first one is on an external ISPs site and runs great. The second one is on a server we control (we had to do this to connect up with our customer databases), and after setting it up, I only get the Module Directory path under "Shipping Modules." In that directory I have, interstate.php interstate1.php interstate2.php interstate3.php interstate4.php ups.php upsxml.php usps.php Just like the first site. I tried, as a test, to copy the entire first site over (I changed the config files and made sure the database matched) and I get the same exact issue? Am I missing something. I just downloaded the "oscommerce-2.2rc1" upgrade and it looks like a lot of typos/errors. Could this be my issue? Thanks in advance, Don
  11. Hi All, As a favor, I helped a friend setup his osCommerce and he is using PayPal. He got an order reciept from them and the item name is the name of his site. IE his site is called "Q12 project" and he sells CDs and T-Shirts. I have them configured in osC correctly with a name and Product Model, but none of that info is in the PayPal details of the order or in the email? Anyone run into anything like this? I checked out osC and PayPal and I do not see any options to change/fix this? Thanks in advance, Don PS the item detail and email do not have an order number. I would think the module would pass on the product number to PayPal.
  12. Dmacman

    How Did You Hear About Us - Support

    Hi All, I have this installed and working great with the 'Other' option, but I have a question, I cant seem to resolve. I need to control the order of the options, and order by ID or by name will not do it. As a temp fix I put the number (of the position I want it to be) in front of the names. IE 1. Google 2. ABC 3. Yahoo etc. If this was a procedural coding, I could just find the SQL query and change it, but I have not been able to totally 'wrap my brain' around osC yet. Thanks for the help in advance, Don
  13. Hi all, I have several mods in place to allow for a variety of shipping in place, UPS, USPS, International and in all of them I can set the "Sort Order" but this is sort of 'moot' since the system automatically chooses the cheapest, versus, what I prefer to use as default. IE it picks USPS Standard Shipping, vs UPS Ground (my preferred method if the customer does not care). I find it hard to believe that this is not selectable by me, the admin, bulit-in, not a mod. Am I missing something? I appreciate the help, Don
  14. Dmacman

    Zone Shipping by State, Ver. 1.0

    Stittles helped me resolve this. I accidentally commented out an original part of the total functions. Thanks, Don
  15. Dmacman

    Zone Shipping by State, Ver. 1.0

    I am still stuck on this. Anyone, please. Thanks, Don