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    UPS XML Rate Quote

    You're right, I had a bit of difficulty with the LB vs KG when using a Canadian Origin. It didn't accept KG, and figured it had something to do with the Origin. I'll work on it a bit more and publish a patch for both the code, if necessary, and the documentation. Give me a day or so. It's the weekend, and I'm installing new countertops in the kitchen. Torin...
  2. torinwalker

    UPS XML Rate Quote

    Check out the contributions section for "UPS XML Rates and Services v1.0". I only posted it five minutes ago. I'm not sure if the moderators have to rubber stamp it before it becomes available. Please, please tell me if you encounter any errors, omissions, or if it isn't completely wonderful. I want to update it before it becomes really popular. Torin...
  3. torinwalker

    UPS XML Rate Quote

    I've tried to make a complete, language-supporting, worldwide origin supporting version of the UPS XML Rates and Services (quote) shipping module. Comments and bug reports are very much welcome and encouraged. Torin...
  4. While writing a new payment gateway module, I discovered on the Confirmation page that the page source (the form entry for the confirm button) contained the sensitive account information and payment method fields being passed to my payment gateway. This of course was completely unacceptable, and so I sought out a way to make the procedure more secure. I would really appreciate any suggestions for a BETTER approach: Instead of a direct post ala osCommerce's normal payment procedure, I rewrote the button's submit form to post to my own intermediate proxy page. This page, written entirely in PHP (thus invisible) contacts the payment gateway, receives the response, and uses cURL to post back to the checkout_success (success) or checkout_payment (fail). This additionally allows me to use the bank's XML gateway instead of the direct post gatway - it affords better security and a few other niceties over the DP method. The question remains though... am I going about this the wrong way? If there is another method that constrains itself to the normal osCommerce methodology, I would be glad to hear it. It would make my contribution amenable to those who need it. Torin...