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  1. denzel2364

    Change The Google logo on checkout_payment.php

    GC IPN, sorry should have said in the beginning! My fault
  2. denzel2364

    Change The Google logo on checkout_payment.php

    I have the buttons, but surely they are assigned or refered to as it appears in the checkout. (where you choose to pay via card or google checkout). On the right hand side is where its located. Otherwise i dont want to create my own, just use another one supplied any ideas?
  3. Change The Google logo on checkout_payment.php hi all, what i want to do is change the link for the image icon to the button logo. The original is very pixelated and ugly. ive searched through the files but no luck so far thank dean
  4. denzel2364


    I hope someone can help me i have installed google payment module but i am having trouble. Firstly, the stylesheet is being recalled. i get this (see screenshot): - http://www.sketchbagz.co.uk/work/screenshot.tiff This happens with all the pages that has been modified by the google checkout Also, the checkout is set to true in admin, but isnt showing. (see image) any ideas people?
  5. denzel2364

    PayPal Express Checkout IPN Payment Module

    im just speaking for a lot of people using paypal modules as payment: the issue we are having is that the payment + item title is not being transferred over. Therfore the customer has to input the data manually. what are people suggetsions for the problem?
  6. denzel2364

    Problem: Paypal

    indeedy so. its a problem after paying in the paypal site, the customer has to click on 'return to merchant'. if they dont, you dont get the order info anywhere. the soultion is paypal ipn
  7. denzel2364

    Paypal checkout problem

    sorry people, me too have the same issue. starting to get frustrated. i have sooo many posts but nobody replies. Also, the product title doesnt get carried over. - dunno why! breaks my heart, but i want it sorted. if i find out, ill let you all know. hopefully you too will do the same. eventho i have had someone who knows php and they too cant figure it out!
  8. i really thought sum could help!
  9. please help sum1 :'(
  10. Does anybody know any of the info above?
  11. Sorry, couldnt edit above. I have changed the 'my currency' in paypal.php in moduls to 'GBP' which was USD previously. I now get the correct '£' currency but the order total isnt carried through For some reason when i specify a zone, e.g. United kingdom in the paypal options in admin, the option to pay via paypal dissapears!!!!
  12. 'Make sure the default currency is set in the osc files too.' - where would i find this? im mainly looking in admin as this is where i thought all the settings were. Have a go at ordering. You may need to do a bogus trial account just to go through to checkout. http://www.sketchbagz.co.uk/shop
  13. hi there i have created the currency to GBP in the beginning and left it alone (selected currency). It still converts to $ but passes through the total. When i change to GBP only, the paypal payment options hides in 'select payment' i have installed the latest IPN paypal module but still no success. (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2679) This issue happens on the default and the latest contribution. ive added GBP as the only currency but still no luck
  14. there are further issues relarting (see below) when selecting, 'Transaction Currency' to GBP i get no total taken through and its in $$$$$$ when selecting, 'payment zone' to United Kingdom the paypal option doesnt appear on checkout any idea people? ive upgraded the default osc payment process but still no luck
  15. denzel2364

    Paypal didn't show up on my shoppong cart

    What are the settings you have in your admin for the paypal module? does this colate with your currency?