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    I ran it locally, as you suggested, and now it reports: No new files found... No deleted files found... No size differences found... No time mismatches found... No permissions mismatches found... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sitemonitor ran on December 28, 2009, 5:11 pm Total mismatches found were 0 Total files being monitored is 842 So now everything works perfectly fine - except the hack checking tool? Ok, I will try and search for server error logs later in the new year. Thanks for the help ;-) I wish you, and all oscommerce users, a great 2010! Garacs1
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    Hi Jack I did try leaving them blank, but I still receive the same result. I then tried to insert username and password, still same result. Is there something I am doing wrong?
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    Hi Jack_mcs Thanks for the contribution, very helpfull. I do have a question: after reading this thread, I figured out how to solve many errors I got from the very first time I installed it on my website, but one thing I am not able to figure out: how to check if files have been hacked. Clicking on the button "Manually Check for Hacked Files" results in this: Checked 0 directories containing a total of 0 files. Skipped 0 files. 0 suspected hacked files found Did I miss something while configuring the SiteMonitor? Here is how I configured it: Always Email - NO Quarantine Files - NO Verbose - YES Log File - YES Log File Size - 100000 Delete Reference file - 5 To - my email address From - site admin email address Start Directory - /srv/www/vhosts/xxxxxxxxxxxx.xx/httpdocs/catalog/ Admin Directory - http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx/catalog/xxxxxxxxxxxx/ Admin Username - NO Admin Password - NO Exclude Selector - NONE Exclude List - "catalog/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/quarantine", "cgi-bin", "images" Is there something wrong with this configuration? Also, when I run site Monitor, I receive the email alright, but it reports always: DELETED FILES: Found a deleted file named SIZE MISMATCH: Size differences not checked due to deleted file(s) TIME MISMATCH: Time differences not checked due to deleted file(s) PERMISSIONS MISMATCH: Permissions not checked due to deleted file(s) I did not delete any file... Please let me know ASAP. Regards. Garacs1
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    Checking File Permissions

    Hi Thanks for the great contribution, which I am trying to use on my newly installed shop. I already changed the name of the admin folder, and checking file and folder permissions was the next natural step. Installing your contribution was easy, but it quite doesn't work as expected. I'll explain: I read other users reporting errors, which I didn't get (which is good), but the contrib, even if it does show the status of the permissions on each and every file and folder of the website, it then does not succeed in changing them accordingly. I get, when clicking on the button "update", the following resulsts: The directory backups exists, so this is OK. Directory ./includes 755 Update failed Directory ./ext 755 Update failed Directory ./pub 755 OK Directory ./download 755 OK This happens with all the files and directoris that should be modified. I just copy/pasted the first 4, otherwise the post would have been too long (I have 5 languages, in my shop). The first 2 directories, for exampled, should have been changed to 644, but the update was not possible. I have to manually change the permission via FTP if I want the contribution to say "OK" Is there something I am missing? Or is this an issue of the contribution? My release is 2.2 RC2a Thanks in advance for your reply.
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    PC Pro Creator

    Hi all, Installed v2.3.4 and got it working, somehow, on my website. the main problem is that I managed to insert products, get dependancies (which do not work, though), and have no problem whatsoever with decimal points and figures. The thing is that the contribution recalls products which are out of stock, and for some categories, only a product is selectable. When I click on another product, nothing happens. My oscommerce layout has been personally modified, in the layout and structure, but files were kept unchanged (only layout and graphic changes). So I think this is not the problem. But I repeat: I cannot get the dependancies work properly, I have (on the client side) the possibility to choose out of stock products (which I shoulnd't be able to select) and last, but not least in importance, some products are not even selectable. Does anyone know hao to fix these issues?