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  1. Hi I love this addon but a customer has suddenly got the urls not working, maybe a server change as he is on shared server. When I go to www.motoward.co.uk and check links it shows this example: as I hover http://www.motoward.co.uk/oakley-retro-beanie-p-4324.html but then when I go to page it changes to http://www.motoward.co.uk/--p-4324.html any ideas as to what is wrong. I changed the .htaccess to remove or try different symlinks but no change. Nothing else has changed with the site.
  2. Hi this is a fantastic product I have a query I have searched and dont see an answer sorry if this is here somewhere, I would like to arrange the first image of a product to be larger and top right hand of text then all extra images in a nice neat line along the bottom. Has anyone got the code or where to edit this I would appreciate a reply on this.. Thanks again for the cont it is very cool
  3. opsman

    [Contribution] STS v4

    How can i tell what version I am running currently, is there a file that tells me?
  4. opsman

    Recent Secpay Problem

    I am having issues with this, i am testing with the 4444333322221111 number and visa, always returns with error but i do get the email from secpay saying all is well, please help
  5. opsman

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Ok was getting angry so transferred shop and DB to exisiting db so all is now the same as the one that works but still not working which rules out PHP and DB problems, also used same edited files no difference. am thinking maybe it could be something missing in tables you use could you send a list of tables changed so I can check.
  6. opsman

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Ok here goes It is a single language store not sure about products_options and values tables how would i tell new sets are also blank and the temp fix works no problems Thanks for the quick reply, oh and the post after sais try a different code (toasty) but that made no difference at all Tom
  7. opsman

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Excellent contribution works on my shop no probs, I installed to an upgraded from 1.7 to 2.2 today everything works as in creating attribute sets etc the product has a dropdown box but nothing is in it, I have gone through the code a few times but cannot find the answer, to see what I mean go to www.rudeshop.co.uk/shop and click on the product called test dont know if it makes a difference but he has loads of old attributes, I did create a new set and new attributes so it was clean Help me please I am going insane, especially as I have it working on my own shop with no probs