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    Updated RBS Worldpay Form Module

    Hello I used your new updated module after experiencing problems with callbacks. Worked a dream!!! Cheers Paul
  2. paulbrown

    Worlpdpay junior 1.0, Osc 2.2rc2a problem ?

    Hello Same issue here...order showing in admin but customer is not directed back to my osc site. Sadly no email from osc to say order has arrived, although the RSB WP one does arrive. Has anyone been able to solve this yet? Cheers Paul
  3. paulbrown

    WorldPay Select Invisible Contribution

    Hello Has anyone been able to integrate the new Invisible XML method??? Regards Paul
  4. paulbrown

    WorldPay Select Invisible Contribution

    haha i understand! Do you have an experience of the WorldPay Junior Module I am using? As I explained before after the WorldPay payment is processed I get the floowing screen...any idea how to get rid of the need for the shopper to click the button before retuning to the online shop and commiting the order to the database? Cheers Paul
  5. paulbrown

    WorldPay Select Invisible Contribution

    Hmmm any idea how I can demo it before I choose to purchase the SSL and request new account? The WorldPay Junior module is annoying me as after the payment transaction is sucessful, you then have to click a button to take you back to your oscommerce site and thus insertinig full transaction in DB. If the user closes browser window before clicking button, there card is charged but the transaction stay in osc as worldpay pending... Cheers Paul
  6. paulbrown

    WordPay don't know the answer...

    hello in my eshop the user is divert from my shop to the WP payment pages. ...they enter their card details and continue to the "Verified by Visa" page or "MasterCard Secure" page. Once they enter their details at this section the shopper is diverted to a page with the following URL... https://secure.ims.worldpay.com/wcc/card?op...r-1707228825830 This above page displays the text... "The payment transaction has been successfully performed!" ...followed by a button with text... "Click here to continue to Acme Online Shop" ...only once the user clicks this button are they directed back to checkout_sucess.php and the order is correctly entered into the DB. My question is how can you rely on the user to click that button once payment has been debited? Any help greatly appreciated... Cheers Paul
  7. paulbrown

    WorldPay Select Invisible Contribution

    hey... i installed the module but get the following error... Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class worldpay in /home/sites/my-site.com/public_html/includes/modules/payment/worldpay_invisible.php on line 63 ...when I access the modules.php page within admin. I deleted and re-installed 3 times :( Any ideas? PS - If I have WP Select Junior, do I need to contact them to enable invisiable? Do they need to verify SSL first as I would like to try this out before purchasing?
  8. Hello I am using the standard cc.php module and during checkout the credit card start and end dates are prefilled with Card Start Date: January 2003 Card Expiry Date: January 2007 Although this is handy, I would like to have "---" as my first option in all 4 drop downs. Anyone know how to do this? Cheers in advance Paul
  9. damn, sadly i used v2 listed there with the lightbox css thing :( any ideas how do do it with it? i can change it to 1.3 as client has seen v2 and loves the effect :(
  10. paulbrown

    Payment Modules will not Update

    wow im so glad i found this tread, for ages i have been doing module updates in mySQL cos i thought i had broken something but could not find a solution. PS - do i really have to do it in the catalog too? i have experienced no errors as yes with the front end... cheers paul
  11. hello what do i do with regards to VAT? should i add vat to these prices or is it already included so i have to factor it into the vat element of my order? look forward to a reply, looks a GREAT contribution!!! regards paul
  12. where on earth do i limit the width / height of the popup images?
  13. Has anyone made this work with UltraPics or does it have a ability to have extra pics per product? *Please delete, my brower / net connection went funny and submitted twice*
  14. Has anyone made this work with UltraPics or does it have a ability to have extra pics per product?
  15. Site map for reviews (14th December 2006) http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3233 How do I get 'googleSitemapreview.php' to show my Ultimate SEO URL instead of standard one? example: http://www.domain.com/childs-football-pri-...ml?reviews_id=1 instead of... http://www.domain.com/product_reviews_info.php?reviews_id=1
  16. paulbrown

    SECPAY - problems

    Gents Is it just the standard contribution from http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1863 that you guys are using? Cheers Paul
  17. Hey Running PWA v0.82 on my MS2 store... In my Admin I cannot see who has actually PWA? My '/admin/orders/php' is IDENTICAL to that in the v0.82 zip file but I see no mention of PWA. In the DB the PWA field for that particular order is correctly set as '1'. Anyone offer any help, TIA Cheers Paul
  18. paulbrown

    Problems with CC_CVV

    The above PDF show the code above should change to... <code> } elseif ( strtolower(MODULE_PAYMENT_CC_ACCEPT_ORIG_MASTERCARD) != 'true' &&($NumberLeft6 >= 510000) && ($NumberLeft6 <= 559999) && (ereg('[0-9]{16}', $this->cc_number)) ) { $this->cc_type = "MasterCard"; </code>
  19. paulbrown

    Problems with CC_CVV

    More UK information can be found here... http://www.barclaycardmerchantservices.co....f/binranges.pdf Cheers Paul
  20. paulbrown

    Problems with CC_CVV

    Cheers Andy Bolstridge, that MasterCard error was causing me problems!!! I have other problems tho, all most of my VISAs are being accepted as JCB cards. The VISAs in question all have low start digits so fall into the JCB range. Can someone maybe update the file that contains the number ranges? According to this page http://www.beachnet.com/~hstiles/cardtype.html the ranges for JCB cards are wrong. Would anyone like to confirm this web page information is correct? Cheers Paul
  21. paulbrown

    How Did You Hear About Us - Support

    Doh!!!! I take it that it is adding up all the 'nones' for the existing customers that reg'd b4 contribution install... How can I change this? Cheers Paul
  22. paulbrown

    How Did You Hear About Us - Support

    Hey I am having a wee problem with the report section in admin... When I reg'd a test customer i selected "Other" and in the report it showed a total of '71'instead of '1'. I then reg'd a second customer, selected "Other" and the report showed '72' instead of '2'. Where can I reset this counter? Cheers Paul
  23. paulbrown

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    Oh my goodness this support thread is so confusing and so is the download page @ http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1682/ I want to install this module on my MS2 store but which download(s) do i select etc??? Would people say its an easy install? Cheers :-"
  24. paulbrown

    UK Tax Configuration

    Hey Does this topic help anyone??? http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?act=ST&f=11&t=107542 Cheers Paul
  25. Hey Great contribution...one wee thing tho... In Admin --> Tools menu I have 'InfoPages Unlimited'... I add a 'new file', add the stuff to it and make it active but never appears in my shop.... Where should it appear and what do you think I have missed for it not to show up in my catalog?? Cheers Paul