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    Attribute Sets Plus

    Is there another method which could be affecting my ability to delete or is it most likely to be the aforementioned one? Cheers
  2. veloxsystems

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Hi, this is a live site. I have double checked all my code and I can't spot any errors. Yes I'm trying to delete/make invisible from the admin side, I dont actually see any errors, it's just nothing happens! Cheers. p.s. I dont mind setting up a special FTP account if anyone needs to view any files etc. Thanks for the help.
  3. veloxsystems

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Hi guys, I downloaded this plugin at the weekend and all appeared well, that is until I tried to delete a product or temporarily make it invisible to teh frint end users (cliking the red dot). When I try to delete a product, nothing happens, it goes through the process as it would if it was going to work, but nothing happens, the product still appears in the list, the same goes for making the product invisible. Can anyone shed any light on this fairly major problem I am encountering? Thanks for the help :) James