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  1. Hi, is anyone using this contribution and would post their site so I can see what it looks like? I'm trying to find a contribution to make my categories look like this site: http://ww1.potterybarn.com/cat/index.cfm?c...%7Crrooms%2Fhme if you hover over the word Bedding, the sub categories appear in a box. I've tried searching the forums for drop down box, drop down list, pop up box, pop-up box and haven't found anything but I think I am just not using the correct search terminology :unsure: Thank you in advance for your time reading, Melinda
  2. I also wanted to thank everyone who contributed and worked on this contribution. It was pretty easy to install (once I opened my eyes!) and I'm really excited and hoping it will help my search engine ranking. I really appreciate the time that went into this and the willingness to share it, Mel-
  3. thank you asia! But, this is the controller I installed: 09/05/2003 - Header Tags Controller v2.1 but everything appears to be working ok now that I have the right admin file (thanks again!). Should I redo and just install the other older one? I was about to install this: 09/25/2003 - Add Metta Tags to Product Pages But now am unsure what I should do! If everything is working ok, should I just leave it? Thanks so much for your time, Melinda
  4. never mind, I found her instructions for changing the headerstag.php. sorry guys for the duh questions! I still don't quite understand the response above, does that mean if you have ms1 you can't use the header tag admin? and if ms1 can't use the header tag admin, is the only thing I'll need to do after adding products is use phpmyadmin to set the title to the product name? Thanks again and I will try searching some more on the forums to find an answer but I just don't seem to have any luck lately finding relavent searches. Even putting header tag controller in quotes didn't help me that much to get relavent responses! Melinda
  5. Hi again, I still haven't completely got this running but it does appear to be changing the titles of the pages but I have a problem. The title of all of my category pages now read The Webmakers Corner and then my category name. How do I get it to read the name of my site instead of The Webmakers Corner? Thank you all again, Melinda
  6. I must be trying to do the same thing. Is there an admin for 2.2 ms1? I've looked through the list of older contributions on the header tags contribution page but didn't see anything. Thank you, Melinda
  7. oh my, never mind! I had a space in front of <title>, took it out and now it found them :) Melinda
  8. I have a question about how to search for the pages that need to be changed. The instructions say to search on this string : <title><?php echo TITLE; ?></title> and find approx. 35 files that will need to be changed. I copied all of the php files from my /catalog directory onto my harddrive into a special folder and then went to the start button, find and chose find with text including and pasted the above into it and it came back finding no files. Can the built in find feature of windows do this or do I need to download a program (or search by hand). Thanking you for your time in advance, Melinda
  9. Melinda

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    thanks for looking into the code for that. I had posted a month or so ago asking if the hidden products could be used this way and didn't get alot of feedback, no one seemed to really know alot about that mod. I asked on an ebay message board opinions on automated checkouts of this kind and got alot of negative feedback comments along the route of buyers didn't like them so I had dropped the idea. I think I will relook at setting it up the way you posted above, I don't really believe that makes the process too impersonal and should really help out the bidder. Thanks for bringing this up. Maybe now that ebay has changed their api calls pricing something can be done to add a mod to oscommerce to handle auctions. Course, I'd like to be able to do some other things too like have my own gallery on my website along the lines of auctivas pro showcase instead of having to pay 5.95 a month for theirs (over half of my webhost costs), plus I'd like to have after auction management incorporated into rather than using sold! for that as I do now. I know sold! doesn't use api calls but instead uses your my ebay selling page to get the info on current auctions, completed and unsold auctions. I've wondered if that script mentioned above for your about me page could be modified instead to use the my selling page. I guess I'm just going to eventually have to learn php or cgi or something enough to be able to write my own or find someone who can do it for a fee. Unfortunately the only programming languages I have any experience in are fortran and pascal (probably showing my age with that last remark!). Mel-
  10. darn, I still have a problem. I have it set so if an item isn't available yet but shown as in stock, they can't checkout (allow checkout under admin/stock is set to false). If I try a test with an existing customer, it won't allow them to checkout, if I try a test with payment without account, it allows them to checkout. Is this just something missed or am *I* missing something? TIA, Melinda
  11. I solved both of my problems so no one needs to respond to that. Thanks! Melinda
  12. thanks for that addon maxidvd, it looks good. I am still getting an error in my installation, on the delivery confirmation page checkout_shipping.php it is blank when I am running a test. Anyone have any ideas why? sigh, I'd really like to get this contrib to work before my store goes live. TIA, Melinda
  13. Hi again, I just downloaded the zip for hidden files and was reading the readme.txt. It made it sound like that anyone with a customer_approved=1 would be able to see the hidden products, is that right? I would need something that only the person who won the auction could see it and buy it so they would need unique passwords or codes I think. I have seen some of Linda's other mods, what does SEC stand for? I looked through features and other and didn't see anything by her it looked like it could be. Thank you :) Melinda
  14. I was wondering if I could use this with my ebay auctions. Put auctions as a hidden product and then send whatever is needed (a password?) to the winning bidder so only they could see it and add it to their shopping cart and process their order. And hopefully, if it doesn't sell at auction I can move it back and forth between the store and auction as I want without having to do anything but the "hiddenness" of it. Would that work? I also was looking at the STatus in Product Listing mod, it made it so you could show out of stock products but ppl couldn't buy them. I wondered if I could alter that to mark them at auction so ppl could see my auctions but not buy them until the auction was over (when I would make it back in stock but only for the winning bidder?). TIA, Melinda
  15. has anyone used this contribution? it sounds like it is a hidden category that only approved buyers can see? or is it a hidden PRODUCT that only approved buyers can see? TIA, Melinda