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  1. Hi TheFinnisher, Getting files/pages translated really depends on how much work and money you can put into it. At one end of the spectrum you can have a multi-lingual web company simply do all the work for you - give them access and have them translate it all. It will cost you quite a bit, but there will be very little hassle for you. At the other end, if you have someone translate the file for you who has no tech ability, then you will have to provide all the text (taken out of the html to make it easy to read/understand), show them the page where it comes from so they understand the context, and amend the files/graphics yourself. It is the most time consuming but the cheapest of course! The medium is finding a translation company that can translate the text in html - so you provide the file and have them translate the file text directly. You will have to go over all the pages and ensure everything is translated. In all cases you will have to ensure language encoding is correct, email responses are correct (often subject/content gets mashed with encoding probs), error messages, etc. are functioning correctly. Whoever you get to check the website after the work is complete will need to have a good understanding of the flow/functions of the website in order to test all the areas correctly. The more you do yourself, the more important this final test is. Be careful of any bespoke programming/images etc that you put in yourself as they can be easily forgotten! Good luck!