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  1. fenyullow


    Yes, I did mess up with the shipping and tax. Thanks, and thanks for this wonderful contribution.
  2. fenyullow


    I'm sorry, I missed the shipping when I pasted last post. Here it is. Sub-Total: $137.50 Table Rate (Best Way): $60.00 Tax: (15%) $29.63 Discount Coupons:1111(10%): -$6.00 Total: $221.13 Now the only problem is the percentage discount, any suggestions?
  3. fenyullow


    I'm having difficult to get the percentage discount work. Use Fix price disount works perfect, not for the percentage. For example, Sub-Total: $137.50 Tax (15%): $20.63 Discount Coupons:111111: -$3.00 (I set the value 10% in the admin, don't know where this $3 coming from??) Total: $215.13 Anything I'm missing??? Thanks
  4. fenyullow

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    I installed the Information Pages Unlimited, great contribution, with no error at all. Thanks a lot. After I added a few articles, such as Privacy, "Contact Us", "Term of Use", I feel like it would be more appropriate to move these information to the footer, so my question is that is it possible to move the entire "Infomation" infobox to the footer, and make all the articles a footer style? Thanks
  5. fenyullow

    Google XML Sitemap w/ Admin support

    I'm having exactly same problem, please let me know if you find a fix for that. I start thinking it's a bug
  6. Spent two hours to install the contribution,including one minor error. Then 5 minutes later, all the tags, keywords, descriptions are already updated, not sure whether I did right or now though, but it IS a really good good mod. VERY VERY easy to use. Thank all who contribute to this wonderful mod.
  7. Please ignore my previous thread. I fixed it.
  8. Installed more_pics_6_v1.2 with no error, very smooth installation and good documentation. After that, the main picture of the production page no longer shows as thunbnail, instead, it becomes the original size. I tried the all the switches in the configuration for more pics, doens't change anything. Did I miss anything? Thanks
  9. It is mentioned in easypopulate.php from EP contribution, when you run EP download, there are some fields call "$v-products_subimage1", "$v-products_subimage2", "$v-products_subimage3", etc. Any body knows which mod it might be? thanks
  10. fenyullow

    Easy populate

    I strongly recommand you read the 1readmefirst file in the download package. There are more steps you need to do.
  11. For your 2 SQL errors, delete the first line which causes the duplicate problem. and change the 3rd line to INSERT INTO configuration VALUES ('', 'Temp Directory', 'EP_TEMP_DIR', 'temp/', 'If you changed your directory structure from stock and do not have /catalog/temp/, then you will need to change this accordingly.', 17, 1, now(), now(), NULL, NULL); Did you notice I change "you'll" to "you will", because that's another problem I found in version 2.79 If you have problem to find admin\modules\filesnames (which is addressed in step 6 in the 1readmefirst file), use "admin\include\filesnames.php instead. That works for me.
  12. fenyullow

    easy populate help needed

    Read 1readmefirst document in the download package instead of "so called" manual, it has more steps.
  13. You're right, I couldn't find admin\modules\filenames.php either, I just simple use admin\filenames.php instead (if I remember correctly). I didn't see the MySQL error though, so can't help you there.
  14. Finally I got it working. I think somebody got to improve the documentation for this wonderful contribution. I was following the manual which is supposed to contain the full instruction, as matter of fact, it's not, it gave all kinds of error. If you read the 1readme file, it contains more steps than the manual, and I follow that, and everything works fine.
  15. I had the same "EP_DELIMITER" with v2.79. I open it with notepad, and replace this "EP_DELIMITER" with a "*", then use Excel open the text file, use "*" delimiters, and made it look more reasonable. But after I imported into db, I got a warning " Warning: file(/home2/website/public_html/osC/EP_TEMP_DIREP2006Mar08-1301.txt): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home2/website/public_html/osC/admin/easypopulate.php on line 637 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home2/website/public_html/osC/easypopulate.php on line 642 " Sounds like the temp directory is not right, I have no idea how to fix it. I just created a temp folder "EP_TEMP_DIR" at catalog, set it 777. Anything else I need to do? Thx