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  1. Hi again Sorry to bump this, but I've been fiddling with this all day. I can't seem to get the sid killer to work, I use Ultimate SEO Contrib, and d/led the sid killer which can intergrate with Ultimate SEO. However, I seem to have a different version of ultimate SEO to the intergration instructions! I'm curious to find out if anybody has the CPI ePDQ contrib working without using the sid killer contrib? I appreciate any help you can offer me. Many thanks in advance Scott
  2. Hi I've begun to install sid killer, but I've been reading about it and my understanding is that it will still create a sid if: If a user is logged in. If something has been put in the cart If the currency is changed. As I'm encountering this issue when the customer goes through to payment and they will have to have logged in, will this not mean that there will still be a sid? Or am I just getting my wires crossed? Hope somebody can help. Many thanks in advance Scott
  3. Hi Mark Thanks for your help. I'll look into it and see if it helps! Many thanks Scott
  4. Hi All I have recently installed the contribution for Barclays ePDQ. I'm having some trouble however when it comes to leaving the shop and going through to the Barclays system. I get: 'Error Not a Valid Allowed Url'. This is because the address that it is set up to allow is: catalog/checkout_confirmation.php The instructions to set it up state: "This means you can only use one domain in this address and no dynamic querystring (e.g. you cannot have dynamic data in the url such as mypage.php?param=4523" However when leaving the shop and going through to Barclays, the address in the address bar shows a querystring (which is the session id). e.g. "checkout_confirmation.php?osCsid=e469f7c5034201...." Is there anyway to set up Barclays to accept this, or to somehow take it out when the data is passed over to Barclays? I hope somebody is able to help. Many thanks in advance Scott
  5. Hi Ken Thanks for your help with this. We have spoken to Protx, and we've set up 3D secure on our account already. I know what you mean, not many stores use it yet. The reason we are so interested in it is that we are an international store, and we have trouble with getting orders for dodgey amounts already, so we thought 3D secure might help out with that. I will speak to protx some more! Thanks again for your help! Scott
  6. Hi Sorry to keep bumping this, but at the moment we're a bit stuck. I can't find any mention of anybody else encountering a problem with VPS 2.22 and this module. I hope somebody can help. Many thanks Scott
  7. Hi All Sorry to ask this again, but I've not had any luck in trying to sort this myself. I realised that I hadn't edited the english.php in the admin section, but even after editing, it hasn't fixed the issue. I'm still getting: 'Not Found The requested URL /international/admin/FILENAME_PAGE_MANAGER was not found on this server. Apache/2.0.55 (Red Hat) Server at Port 80' when I click on 'Extra Info Pages Manager' in the admin section. Has anybody else encountered this issue in the past at all? I'd appreciate any assistance. Many thanks Scott
  8. Hi Again I don't suppose anybody has any ideas on this do they? Hope someone can help! Many thanks Scott
  9. Hi All We have recently set up our webshop to use Protx for payments received. We have just activated the 3D Secure portion, but now whenever transactions are being processed at the point where the cusomter chooses to 'Proceed' to the 3D Secure data entry, they get thrown back into the checkout process in our webshop. Back to where you choose the mothod of payment. Could this be to do with the need for the VPS Protocol 2.22? I notice one version of the Module states that it is ready for 2.22, however, a later upload only states that it has been tested with 2.21. I have tried bother versions, with no luck. Has anybody else encountered problems with Protx and 3D Secure at all? I hope somebody is able to help. Many thanks in advance Scott
  10. Hi Again I have just been looking through all the different versions available. I've noticed that ver 4.3 has a large amount of files in it compared to 4.6. Are the files found in 4.6 just files to be added to 4.5? Apologies if this is a simple question, but I understood that if it was a new version number, it was usually an entire package. Also, as I won't be needing the FCKeditor fix, should I go back to 4.3, and update it with files from 4.6? Again, I hope somebody is able to help. Many thanks in advance Scott
  11. Hi All I've just installed this contribution, but I'm getting an error when clicking 'Extra info Pages Manager' in the Admin section. I get a missing page error: 'Not Found The requested URL /international/admin/FILENAME_PAGE_MANAGER was not found on this server. Apache/2.0.55 (Red Hat) Server at Port 80' I followed the instructions etc, and I've checked that I've uploaded all the correct files. There is no FILENAME_PAGE_MANAGER file in the version of the contrib that I d/led however. Is this what could be wrong? I downloaded the latest version available ( v4.6 Works with register_globals OFF) uploaded by djmonkey1 on the 3rd Oct. is this missing a file somewhere, or is it more likely that I've missed a bit of editing of code somewhere? I hope someone can help. Many thanks in advance Scott
  12. Hi Tom I just thought I would add a post here to say great contrib. It has improved our site to no end. To say that it is impressive is an understatement. Thanks for this excellent contrib! :thumbsup: Many thanks! Scott