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  1. Leak-Proof

    InternetSecure MerchantLink

    I see that Internet Secure is now offering Interac Payments. I believe this functionality is added to this contribution once you set it up with them. From their website:
  2. I have several customers who would like order updates to be sent to multiple individuals at their company. (i.e. Buyer gets one, operations manager gets one and a on site foreman gets one) The delivery of my product affects all of their schedules. Is there a contribution that would allow me to add the ability for customers to add additional emails for order updates or added via the order editor by admin by me if that is quick and easy? It would be best if the extra email addresses where only related to a single particular order, like the Online FedEx Ship Manager tracking updates. R
  3. Leak-Proof

    Order Editor for MVS

    I installed this contrib and it seems to be OK, except that my default currency is Canadian Dollar (1.00) and I have a customer that has asked me to make a purchase for him at previously quoted price. I used the Master Password contrib to make the order for him as a RFQ (request for quote) in US$.(Shipping etc will be added latter) Because the currency had changed since the time of the original phone quote I gave him, I used the MVS Order Editor to adjust the product price to the previously quoted price and hit update. The data in the Order editor all looks good, however when I switch to the Details view, the price has changed in relation to the present currency. It seems to assume that the order was in Canadian Dollars (1.0) and it now shows an adjusted US$ price adjusted at the present curreny value of (0.951900). If I go back into the Order Editor, the data still looks right. I then change the products base price in the Editor to the price as it would be in Canadian dollars then hit update. Now the Details View is almost right. The price is now off a bit because the currencies were adjusted (updated) prior to the entry of this order but after I gave the price quote to the customer. I am now left with needing to change the currency rate in the Order Editor for USD from the current (0.951900) to the previous exchange rate of (0.954108) to make the price match up exactly to the quoted price, however this is not allowed in the editor. Any idea of how to "fix" this? It is a large order and the price differences are large at this size. R
  4. Thanks for this wonderful contribution. I am having a small problem with it though. When I upload a CSV file using my 2.76d (with added fields for MVS, SPPC, QPBSPPC, +) the resulting products are missing the first character of the product names. If I add a blank space before the product name in the EP file, the product names come out OK in the shop. Any ideas on where I should look to address that? Should I post the code file?
  5. Leak-Proof

    Order Editor for MVS

    Thanks for the reply :rolleyes:
  6. Has anyone merged the functionality of the REGEX zipcode module for the zone selection into the MultiGeoZones MultiTables module? It would be a truely powerful module.
  7. Leak-Proof

    Order Editor for MVS

    Is there an update out there to get to the current 5.0.5 version that the standad non-MVS contribution is at? I just added the MVS contribution to my shop. I still have the standard version at 2.5.1 operating now. I am going to install this MVS version (2.9.1), but thought I would ask.
  8. Leak-Proof

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    Does anyone know how to slow down the menu?
  9. Canadian Postal code info. I found a couple of links that will make it easier for Canadian users to breakdown there shipping rates to very specific locations. see: http://www.canadapost.ca/common/tools/pg/f.../pdf/Canada.pdf and http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/study/work-locations.asp
  10. Leak-Proof

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Look for Bluecollarguy and ask him. He just did it for me.
  11. Leak-Proof

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    Great Menu System, working great for me. However I would like to have the sub-menus "hang" a bit longer before they disappear so customers can navigate without losing there mouse pointer position. A) Is there a spot to lengthen the delay? B) Can a bit of code be added to the bottom of the main menu so customers can speed up or slow down the menu themselves? (Just a thought)
  12. Has this module been ported to work with Multi Vendor Shipping? I have a heavily modified, older version of this awesome zipship module in my shop but now need to add a new shipper using the same type of perameters offered by this version. The MVS addition makes it hard to drop in this new module without a bunch of additional work. RJ
  13. Hi. A) I would like to use the product description column but my product descriptions have alot of HTML in them that mess up the printable catalog page because of the font sizes etc.. I would like to put in a strip tags to take it out. Where do I put it and how? B) Also, The currency drop down streches all the way across the page at the top. I would like to shorten that up with a size (width) restiction. I think this is the section of code: How does one do that? How do I change the Font type and size?
  14. I will confirm that about Excel 2007.
  15. Leak-Proof

    Progress Bar

    I would like to install a progress bar or something like it in the checkout area so my customers know the page is actually doing something and not frozen etc. I think it is just polite to let them know the store is working to get their shipping quotes etc. Maybe its just because I'm Canadian? RJ