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  1. yourchoc

    Featured Products Heading Text

    You need to go to config.php or style.css depending on your site. But most likely style.css will fix it. Hope this helps.
  2. yourchoc

    Does anyone ship from two zips?

    Thank you.
  3. yourchoc

    Zone Shipping by State, Ver. 1.0

    Can I use this to ship from Fl and CA at the same time, depending on where you live? I wantto divide the USA in half and ship from both places...
  4. I suppose that this is too hard for us store owners, and that a coder probably needs to answer this one. I would appreciate any help given. Thanky ou.
  5. yourchoc

    Order Edit

    Would like to add an Order Edit contribution file to my site. I have never done this before and need full instructions on how to do it. I am so new that I don't even know where to save the file...public_html? Is there somewhere that I could get full instructions on how to add a contribution to my site? Regards, Nancy
  6. yourchoc

    Order Edit

    Is it more simple to edit the customer order in phpADMIN (My SQL) than it is to download a contribution with possible bugs? Just wondering, as I am somewhat afraid to download a contribution having never done it before. I am not afraid of the bugs it might have, but more afraid of implenting the new file, since I would need step by step instructions on doing that. Thanks for any help, Nancy
  7. yourchoc

    Order Edit

    Does anyone know which contribution might be best for me for Order Edit...I only use English as my language and I do not use tax. Also, as I have never done this before, after my download, should I save this file in my public_html file, or in local file? Not sure where to put it. If there are any instructions for a newbie, please point me in the right direction. Regards, Nancy
  8. yourchoc

    Editing customer orders

    I have an order (my first), and I need to remove one of the products that is not in stock, and add a similar product that the customer has agreed to. I can't edit the order. What am I doing wrong? :huh: