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  1. The way that you can do this now is to add the product to one category, and then click copy to make a copy of it in a different category. --Matt
  2. Are you using a real credit card number? If it is doing any credit card validation, it might choke on a fake number. Good luck, Matt
  3. Hello, I think that your line 1165 would fit in around line 1070 on my fresh download of EP 2.6. Line 930 on mine is function ep_create_filelayout($dltype){ which starts a function that continues through line 1151. The froogle case is on line 1065. On my line 303, I have the require for application_top.php. I'm guessing that your code works similarly. However, if that is so, then $currencies is being defined outside the function's scope. Unlike C (et.al.), PHP does not automatically allow access to global variables inside of other scopes. Thus, I suspect that it thinks that the $currencies variable that calls the is a *different* variable than ithe one defined by the requires. There are two ways that I can see to fix this: one, move the initial declaration of $currencies into the function, which would be the preferred place to have it if you do not use it in other functions; two, if you are using it in other functions, add a global $currencies; at the beginning of the function. Of course, maybe I'm misreading your code. Let us know what you find out. Thanks, Matt
  4. mdfst13

    EasyPopulate and Image Mod

    $query .= . $v_products_mimage . '", "' The . is a concatenation operator and should not appear between = and the $ variable. What you have here is akin to saying x=*3*2 rather than x=3*2. In case my explanation doesn't help, I think that the code should look like this: $query .= $v_products_mimage . '", "' Hope this helps, Matt