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  1. thedesktopshop

    Basic Design Pack Support

    I'm sorry, maybe I'm not explaining correctly.... I CAN'T set the height & width because all my images are different sizes. I tried everything you said, and yes, I set the values in admin, but some of them came out stretched because like I said, they were different sizes. Yes, they stretched even with the automatic thumbnail function. There was no automatic scaling like you mentioned. Now, even after I removed the thumbnail option, they still stretch. Before I installed the basic design pack, the images would resize nicely when I left one of the sizes (height or width) blank, but now it doesn't work. Please answer as soon as you can because I'm considering restarting from scratch. Let me know if you're confused or have no idea how to fix it, and I'll just start over. Thanks!
  2. thedesktopshop

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Hi! Thanks for writing back! :D I tried every html output in the folder, but nothing worked, so I went back to the original html_output (untouched) so I could remove the automatic thumbnail, but it's still not resizing. Before I installed the basic design pack, when I left the height or width blank, it scaled well. Is there any way to get the image settings back to the way they were? :huh: Thank you!
  3. thedesktopshop

    Basic Design Pack Support

    I did a backup which uninstalled image magic, but still have that problem with the images. They won't scale correctly. When I leave height or width blank, I get the large image.
  4. thedesktopshop

    Basic Design Pack Support

    I love the look, and am still changing colors and adding images, however, I have a problem!! Please look at my catalog page here: http://www.darlingtoys.com/shop and then click on one of the categories . All the product & category images have shrunk in width or height! Very strange. :wacko: Can you possibly help? I have image magic also installed, but this happened right after I installed the basic design pack. Thanks!