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  1. Hey guys... I have setup a store but I seem to be having a major problem with the products actually being added to the cart. If you are browsing through the search list and click 'buy now' it will add it to cart. But once you actually click on the product to display the product_info.php.html template page, when you click on "add to cart" it sends you to the cart, but the cart says that it is empty. Is there some code missing? Or a bug which I don't know about. A fast reply would be much appreciated!
  2. Hey Guys, I'm having alot of trouble with this one... I find it impossible to test the server as I feel I've done all the correct things, but when you enter in a credit card it accepts it, but then you click process, and it redirects to eway_payment.php but then it shows nothing on the screen... Its completely empty.. If anyone knows what this is all about it would be much appreciated... Christian Bowie