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  1. digicammad

    [CONTRIBUTION] CoolIris for osCommerce v0.1

    Just realised, the characters at the start of the link, which cause it to fail, are whatever I have in the catalogue path in the config file. What have I done wrong?
  2. digicammad

    [CONTRIBUTION] CoolIris for osCommerce v0.1

    Managed to work out the answer to my 2 questions above. Have changed the sql select statement for showcase mode to $listing_sql = "select distinct " . $select_column_list . " from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " p left join " . TABLE_MANUFACTURERS . " m on p.manufacturers_id=m.manufacturers_id left join " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION . " pd on p.products_id=pd.products_id left join " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_TO_CATEGORIES . " p2c on p2c.products_id=p.products_id where products_status = '1' and categories_id <> 53 and categories_id <> 54 and categories_id <> 46 order by rand() limit 500"; This now displays a random selection of images from the entire database. I do have one problem though. When I try to link through to the product, the URL generated starts with "/http" so I get page not found. Where is this URL generated? Cheers Ian
  3. digicammad

    [CONTRIBUTION] CoolIris for osCommerce v0.1

    Just installed this in my dev environment and it is looking good. There are a couple of things I would like to do before I go live though and would appreciate your help. - How do I stop it displaying the price? My base price is zero, all pricing is done via product attributes and it looks a bit daft having zero price showing up on the Coolprice wall. - Is there a way I can get it to show all my products instead of new, best sellers or showcase? In fact is there a way for it to display a random selection? Thanks in advance for your help and for a great contribution. Ian
  4. I am using this contribution and in general it works very well. However, when used in conjunction with the search option it doesn't work. When you run a search and click on a product in the list, then click on next, instead of giving you the next product in the search list it gives you the next product in whatever category the initial product was in. I am otherwise very happy with the contribution so don't want to install a different one. Can anybody tell me how I can get it working with the search? If you want to see the behaviour, my site is at www.photodimension.co.uk. Thanks Ian
  5. Actually forget that previous post. It just isn't applying the discount to anything but the postage if there are any categories specified in the coupon. I have added the get_product_full_path function and am calling that, but it doesn't seem to be working. Help would be great thanks.
  6. Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere here. I have spent ages trying to find an answer but with no joy. I have been running this contribution for some time with no problems, but now I want to restrict a discount code to a few categories. I found the reply about adding and calling a new function 'tep_get_product_full_path' and have done that, but with no luck. The problem I am having is slightly different to what I have read elsewhere. When I specify a category for the coupon any discount is applied only if all the items in the basket are eligible for discount. In my shop I want to apply discounts to prints but not frames but can not get this to work. Has anybody else had and solved this problem? Thanks Ian
  7. digicammad

    Paypal profile configuration with Paypal IPN

    Thanks folks.
  8. Apologies if this has been answered somewhere, I haven't been able to find anything. When using IPN, do I need to turn on Auto-Return in the website payment preferences screen of my Paypal profile? If so, what should the return URL be? Thanks
  9. Thanks Jack. I checked and that is where the problem is, must be something to do with the permissions thing. I checked with my host and it seems that the osCommerce app is not the owner of the files and that is probably where the problem lies. I will just clone the sections of code for now but I really could do with finding a solution to the permissions. Ian
  10. I have noticed that the header tags are not being correctly used in pages added using the 'add new page' function. The code is correctly added to the /includes/languages/english/header_tags.php file as in the example shown below, but I only ever get the default tags. I've looked through the code but can't work out what is going wrong, can anybody help?
  11. The error message is exactly what is in the change 'Unable to write file'. I will get in touch with the host then, thanks.
  12. I just read that and implemented the change, but it doesn't solve the problem only change the error message!
  13. I have another minor problem. I would like the site search to include the keyword tags but, although they are definitely being generated and visible in the page source, the search is not including the tags. Can anybody explain how I can get them included in the search? Ian
  14. Thanks Jack, I had missed that before.
  15. I know this has been answered before, but I've just gone cross-eyed trying to find the solution in here, so if somebody can either point me to it or tell it again I would really appreciate it. I have a permissions problem which, when I try to add a page, causes the following error Warning: chmod() [function.chmod]: Operation not permitted in /hsphere/local/home/photodim/photodimension.co.uk/admin/includes/functions/header_tags.php on line 254 Cannot change the mode of file (/hsphere/local/home/photodim/photodimension.co.uk/includes/languages/english/header_tags.php) If I manualy change the permissions to 0666 on the file I am adding it works fine, but how do I avoid having to do that?