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  1. Hi. I am also trying to make an autocomplete search box in the header. Does anyone know how to get this to work in the header? Cheers.
  2. Hello Bo, Thanks for your help on this. Much appreciated. I've changed the sort order to the following and it seems to be working fine now... Discount Coupon 2 Low Order Fee Shipping 3 Sub-Total 1 Tax 4 Total 5 Just one thing though... For those orders that came in before I still can't update the order status so they're stuck in "Completed". Is there any other way of updating the status of these orders (maybe in phpmyadmin?) Thanks again, Mark.
  3. Hello Bo, What should the sort order be with discount coupons installed? At the moment I've got... Discount Coupon 4 Low Order Fee Shipping 2 Sub-Total 1 Tax 3 Total 5 Cheers, Mark.
  4. Hello Steve, Thanks for your help on this. I've added the code to my catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypal_ipn.php but it hasn't made any difference. Is that the right file? Any other suggestions? In the meantime is there another way to update order status? Thanks again, Mark.
  5. Hello! I'm not sure if this is a One Page Checkout problem or not but I hope someone might be able to point me in the right direction. I've got One Page Checkout installed along with the Discount Coupon Codes contribution. When I go to edit and update the status of the orders in admin for some reason orders that have a discount coupon applied don't have any of the detail below the "Discount Coupon applied" line. eg.... Order without discount applied - everything fine Order with discount applied - no detail below "Discount Coupon applied" line Obviously I can't update order status etc. which is a problem! Really hope someone can help me out. Any help or advice greatly appreciated as always. Cheers, Mark.
  6. Hello Johan, Yes that is exactly what I need. But like I say for some reason the order is generated (order comes into admin and "order process" email sent) when the "continue" button is clicked on the checkout page ie. before Paypal. I'm guessing there must be some code somewhere that needs changing so that the order is generated only once the customer has paid. Cheers, Mark.
  7. Thanks again Johan! That sorted the voucher section. Much appreciated! I'm still struggling with the orders being generated before the actual payment. I think the "held orders" contribution is for orders that are getting lost during the checkout process. My problem is that I think for some reason the orders are being generated when the "Continue" button is clicked on the checkout page (before being directed to Paypal) rather than on returning to the confirmation page after the Paypal payment has been completed. Any ideas? Cheers, Mark.
  8. YES!!!! GET IN!!!! Johann you're a star! Thankyou so much. Big thankyou to Steve aswell! Can I just ask a couple more questions? 1. Is it possible to move the voucher section on the checkout page to below the address fields? 2. I am using the Paypal_ipn module. During the checkout process for some reason the order is generated ie. coming into "Pending" in the Orders section of admin and the "Order Process" email sent BEFORE the customer actually pays through Paypal. If for some reason the customer changes their mind or there is a problem with Paypal they still receive the "Order Process" email and the unpaid order sits on their account as pending. Is there any way of changing this? Thanks again for all the help so far! Cheers, Mark.
  9. Hello Steve, Sorry, reading your last post again I realise that isn't it. Could it be this though?... //BOF KGT }else { if(MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_DISCOUNT_COUPON_STATUS=='true') { global $customer_id, $order; $check_code_query = tep_db_query( $sql = "SELECT dc.* FROM " . TABLE_DISCOUNT_COUPONS . " dc WHERE coupons_id = '".tep_db_input( $code )."' AND ( coupons_date_start <= CURDATE() OR coupons_date_start IS NULL ) AND ( coupons_date_end >= CURDATE() OR coupons_date_end IS NULL )" ); if( tep_db_num_rows( $check_code_query ) != 1 ) { //if no rows are returned, then they haven't entered a valid code $message = ENTRY_DISCOUNT_COUPON_ERROR ; //display the error message return '{ success: false }'; } else { if(tep_session_is_registered('customer_id') && (int)$customer_id>0) { //customer_exclusions $check_user_query = tep_db_query( $sql = 'SELECT dc2u.customers_id FROM '.TABLE_DISCOUNT_COUPONS_TO_CUSTOMERS.' dc2u WHERE customers_id='.(int)$customer_id.' AND coupons_id="'.tep_db_input( $code ).'"' ); if( tep_db_num_rows( $check_user_query ) > 0 ) { $message = ENTRY_DISCOUNT_COUPON_ERROR ; //display the error message //use this to debug exclusions: //$this->message( 'Customer exclusion check failed' ); return '{ success: false }'; } } //shipping zone exclusions $delivery = $order->delivery; $check_user_query = tep_db_query($sql = 'SELECT dc2z.geo_zone_id FROM '.TABLE_DISCOUNT_COUPONS_TO_ZONES.' dc2z LEFT JOIN '.TABLE_ZONES_TO_GEO_ZONES.' z2g USING( geo_zone_id ) WHERE ( z2g.zone_id='.(int)$delivery['zone_id'].' or z2g.zone_id = 0 or z2g.zone_id IS NULL ) AND ( z2g.zone_country_id='.(int)$delivery['country_id'].' or z2g.zone_country_id = 0 ) AND dc2z.coupons_id="'.tep_db_input( $code ).'"' ); if (tep_db_num_rows( $check_user_query ) > 0 ) { $message = ENTRY_DISCOUNT_COUPON_ERROR ; //display the error message //use this to debug exclusions: //$this->message( 'Shipping Zones exclusion check failed' ); return '{ success: false }'; } //end shipping zone exclusions $row = tep_db_fetch_array( $check_code_query ); //since there is one record, we have a valid code $order->coupon = $row; return '{ success: true }'; } } } //EOF KGT Cheers, Mark.
  10. Hello Steve, Yes think this is it... //kgt - discount coupons global $coupon; if( tep_session_is_registered( 'coupon' ) && tep_not_null( $coupon ) ) { require_once( DIR_WS_CLASSES.'discount_coupon.php' ); $this->coupon = new discount_coupon( $coupon, $this->delivery ); $this->coupon->total_valid_products( $products ); $valid_products_count = 0; } //end kgt - discount coupons I tried commenting out this line; if( tep_session_is_registered( 'coupon' ) && tep_not_null( $coupon ) ) { but then got a parse error. Can you give me a clue what I need to change here? Thanks again, Mark.
  11. Hello Steve, Yeah I've been looking for those kind of statements in checkout.php, includes/classes/onepage_checkout.php and includes/classes/discount_coupon.php. There are various tep_session registered and customer_id in all those files and also code relating to KGT. I've tried commenting them out but this hasn't worked. Have you any idea how would I alter tep_session registered or customer_id to make this work? Or is it just a case of commenting them out? eg. here is some code from onepage_checkout.php which I thought might be the piece of code to change... //BOF KGT if(MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_DISCOUNT_COUPON_STATUS=='true') { //kgt - discount coupons if (tep_not_null($onepage['info']['coupon'])) { //this needs to be set before the order object is created, but we must process it after $order->info['coupon'] = $onepage['info']['coupon']; if (!tep_session_is_registered('coupon')) tep_session_register('coupon'); //$order->info['applied_discount'] = $onepage['info']['applied_discount']; //$order->info['subtotal'] = $onepage['info']['subtotal']; } //end kgt - discount coupons } //EOF KGT Cheers, Mark.
  12. Hello Steve, Again thanks for the reply. I was originally going to post this in the Discount Coupon Codes Support forum but it doesn't look like there's any support for this contribution anymore. (at least no one there seems to be getting any replies!!) Like you say there must be some code in a file somewhere that checks if a customer is logged in before applying the discount and if not throwing out the error message. I've searched checkout.php and includes/classes/onepage_checkout.php but can't seem to find it! Have you any idea which file this statement might be in? Cheers, Mark.
  13. Hello Steve, Thanks very much for trying to help! When One Page Checkout is switched off the customer has to sign in or create an account so the discount code (which is later in the checkout process) works fine. The problem is that One Page Checkout has a Purchase Without Account facility built in which is great on its own but it won't allow the discount code unless the customer either signs in first or is already logged in! I want to be able to offer discount coupons / vouchers to "potential" customers eg. Facebook fans etc. rather than limiting vouchers to current customers. Any ideas? Cheers, Mark.
  14. Hello! I have recently installed One Page Checkout and already had the Discount Coupon Codes contribution installed. They seem to work together no problem when a customer is logged in. But I want to be able to offer discount coupons / vouchers to new customers that don't want to create an account. Is there some code that I can add or take out that will make this possible? At the moment when you enter the Coupon / Voucher code before logging in I get the following error message; "There was an error redeeming coupon, please inform about this error." As always any help with this would be much appreciated. Cheers, Mark.
  15. Hello Jack, Thanks again for your help on this. It's obviously a lot more difficult than I thought!! Maybe there is a different way to achieve what I am looking for though? Would it be possible to split one featured products box into several sections say with a break or an image between them. Just to double check that you know what I am trying to do I basically want a similar sort of thing to what HMV and Play have down the middle of their home page. Cheers, Mark.