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  1. THX

    [contribution] Total B2B

    I am not sure if this is possible with your contribution(s) but what I would like is a contrib that allows a cost price entered for each product and then any number of per category % added to the cost price that only displays to customers of a certain group. e.g. Cost: $100 Group A: cost + 5% = $105 Group B: cost + 10% = $110 Each category could have its own seperate percentage applied to it, so category 1 has the percentages of 5%, 10%, 15% applied to it while category 2 has the percentages of 2%, 6% and 10% applied. I know this sounds complicated and I hope I have explained it alright but it is a feature I'd like to add.
  2. This fix does not work for me, have any others?
  3. THX

    [Contribution] Multi Pickup

    Anyone been able to work out the tax issue with this contrib? or the fact the address does not display inside the order confirmed email that is sent to the customer?
  4. That fixed the problem, thanks. On our site we have separate catagories for cpu's, motherboards(i.e. AMD & Intel). Is there a way to have this select from multiple categories or can you explain how to change it to allow two instances of this to be installed - one each for AMD and Intel.
  5. Lastly when a customer orders a system using this the sales order simply says '1 x custom build PC'. It does not list which components were chosen.
  6. I assume it is a part of your own installation referring to the menu system you use.
  7. The file 'build.php' refers to another file 'coolmenu.php' which is not included in the contribution.
  8. The BPAY system in Australia uses a check digit number system as such a randomly generated number will not work. Any suggestions or actual contributions that can make this work would be grealty appreciated. Alternatively if there are any Australian stores out there that are using Bpay, instructions on how you implemented it would be appreciated.
  9. Is there any possible way of making Thumbads choose which category it grabs the random display of products from? i.e. instead of it pulling from every single category, it only pulls from a certain number of them that I desiginate?
  10. If you know this forum you will know there is a large number of posts concerning credit card surcharges and in every single one of them it is mentioned that it is illegal to do so within certain countries. I am pretty sure the majority know this by now hence posting it for the billionth time is in my opinion pointless and irrelevant to this thread.
  11. You obviously did not read my post. I quote myself: "Lastly before someone thinks it is a good idea to post that this is illegal - not everyone lives in the U.S. It is perfectly legal to surcharge credit cards in Australia. " It is perfectly legal to charge a surcharge in Australia so your post is completely irrelevant to my request.
  12. THX

    State Based Region Shipping Rates

    Is there a way to make this module calculate tax on the shipping prices, unless I am missing something it does not do this automatically