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    Hi I'm getting a bit stuck with this.... My email templates preview just fine within admin, but are all over the place once they hit someone's inbox. Basically the HTML isn't rendering, with the footer in particular just showing the HTML as text. I've attached some screenshots. Any thoughts please.......
  2. Hi I first installed my product images at: mysite.com/catalog/images/horror/ The product image field in the Product table would say, 'horror/horror.jpg' I then moved my product images to: mysite/catalog/images/ So the product image field is now just: 'horror.jpg' My question is, how do I link to product images at: mysite.com/images/, ie level one up above the catalog folder? I'm assuming this might be the same process as linking to an externally hosted image? I've read on Google of a contribution that would do this, but I've not been able to find it. I tried entering a url into the image field of the products table, eg http://www.mysite.com/images/ I'm also guessing that the Image Magic contrib won't see images at this level, even if I do get it working. Help!! :rolleyes:
  3. Hi I’ve been using the Ajax Search Suggest contribution for a few weeks, but have had to pull it off my site due to buggy performance. I’m trying to work out if it’s my site/ server or something I’ve done wrong. Firstly, as you were typing it should be suggesting products to you, but I know for a fact there that it isn’t returning all of them, and sometimes not suggesting any at all. This isn’t consistent either, as if I try it later, chances are it will show that product, but not another. Eg, I’ve got a product called ‘Creepshow t-shirt’, which as you’re typing ‘c’- ‘r’- ‘e’ etc it should show/ suggest, instead it would randomly have you type whole word, and still say there are is no product with that name – when clearly there is. As I say, this is randomly the case for different products. Also as annoying, when it does start to suggest titles, it has a way of overwriting what you’re typing. Eg I’m typing ‘nightmare’ and it may suggest ‘nightmare in a damaged brain’, but I want to continue typing ‘nightmare on elm’, but as I’m trying to write ‘on elm’, it’s overwriting me. So if you’ve taken you’re eyes of the screen, chances are what you’ve typed won’t be there and you’ll be hitting delete and retyping etc, almost forcing your way past the suggestions you don’t want. Lastly, there was an update to this contrib last week by Marcelon Brazil. I liked the sound of their slight alteration to it (by searching for any word in the title – not just what it begins with), but now I get the additional error message ‘error accessing server!’’ – which I believe others have been getting too. So, I’ve had to uninstall it completely (so can’t post you a link to it). I would like to have this feature, but it’s just not working out and is actually putting people off. Any ideas/ suggestions??