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  1. I'm using the XML UPS contrib and one of my customers noted that when they bout a single item that weighed 2.5# that the UPS charge came back too high and showed a 5.5# weight rather than what the dbase had listed. I double checked the catalog and the item *IS* stored with a 2.5#. Doing a test check-out showed the customer to be right ...a magical 3# of extra weight shows up. Nothing in the SML UPS contrib setup options says anything about this ...where is it coming from? How to fix it? Thanks, Brian
  2. We're using OSC v2.2MS1 (not MS2!) ...just got our merchant account going and are now using the generic CC module. I notice that there is no blank for entering the card security code (CVV) ...Noting that we are a version behind, now, which contribution is recommended for us so that we may add the CVV field to the credit card module??? Thanks! Brian http://www.advantagecomposites.com/catalog
  3. dixonmarine

    Customer Sort and View Customer?

    Forgot to check 'email notification'...
  4. Some time back, I spotted a couple of things that were useful for looking at customer records. Can't find them now. Not sure if they were typed-in contributions in the forums or if real contributions were made. Here's what I'm looking for, if someone would be so kind ... 1. Ability to sort the Admin customer page by date. I do all I can to check out a customer right after they first sign up in a new account. It's a pain searching through all the dates, looking for the current date ...if you could sort by date, this would be easy. 2. Ability to look at customer's account info without clicking 'Edit', e.g. need a 'View' button that reduces the risk of mucking up the customer data when all I wanted to do was view the information without changing it (in support of the customer analysis work described in #1 above). Thanks, Brian http://www.advantagecomposites.com
  5. dixonmarine

    Abandoned Carts

    :wacko: Never mind ...the date is in parenthesis, but happens to be very similar to our part number format, so I visually blew right past it. Everything's fine...thanks. Brian http://www.advantagecomposites.com
  6. dixonmarine

    Abandoned Carts

    :rolleyes: It would be nice to have a 'last date' associated with each order. If I run the order over 30 days, I can't tell when the customer last entered an item to the cart ...is there any way to add that? BTW, thanks! OSC conventions or not, I'm happy to have this added to my Favorites list and just use it that way. Brian http://www.advantagecomposites.com
  7. dixonmarine

    Airborne Express module

    I believe the airborne express module works for US domestic to domestic address shipping also. Now if I could get the module to work for me, I'd be happy ...darn keys and accounts from Airborne don't work yet. Dang?
  8. dixonmarine

    Just contributed - Fedex Shipping Quotes

    I see the latest is for MS2.2, but we use MS2.1 and after all the work we've put into it, are reluctant to change until we have too....so, for the Fedex Direct contribution, which version should we install for OSC vMS2.1? The v1.11 (April release) or v1.11MS2 (July release)? Thanks, Brian
  9. dixonmarine

    Hazmat and air shipping?

    Ideally, the solution would include a 'hazmat' checkbox in the product description edit page (admin) and a new field in the products table to carry it. Then the shipping modules could query the field and set the fee appropriately. Not sure if product id is available in the shipping modules or not... I'll take a look at the low-order handling fee contrib. I d/l'd that and a few others that looked like they might be modified to work. Worst case is to append an 'H' to the product id, get the product id into the shipping module, then check for the 'H' to add the fee or not..more of a hack, I know. Brian
  10. dixonmarine

    Hazmat and air shipping?

    Some of our products are hazardous materials. They can be shipped ground or by air, UPS or USPS. If going air, they need to have a hazmat extra charge added to them...nontrivial at about $30 per shipment for air and $20 for ground, so I can't ignore this. I need to be able to identify hazmat products, on a per item basis, and then when shipping is calculated to add a hazmat fee if going by air. Does anyone know if the UPS or USPS online quoting interfaces support an 'additional service' or 'extra charge' feature that allows indicating 'hazmat'? Brian
  11. dixonmarine

    UPS XML contribution > gif missing

    I just used the gif that the standard UPS module used, but renamed it. Brian
  12. dixonmarine

    Infobox advanced extra

    See http://wiki.oscommerce.com or http://oscdocs (I think?). In any case, I used the 'add a box' tutorial to do what you are wanting to do. Not too hard. Brian
  13. dixonmarine

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Thanks, we'll give it a shot. We sometimes have to add charges for hazmat shipping ( see http://www.advantagecomposites.com ) after the fact, so this will help. Brian