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  1. I saw jayman11's post in a prior topic: -Quote: "Did we have some name changes again today??? USPS domestic is all out of whack...checked a couple other OSCommerce sites and they have the same issues.......Names are no longer defined properly on the shipping method page and no matter what you select it defaults to whatever is on the top of the order for your shipping." --- Our blowgun site is experiencing this same problem. We are using the latest usps.php, and we ship domestic methods only. Had to remove express mail option as customers were complaining this was the only (expensive) option, and the site wouldn't let them change it. I now have customers limited to priority mail only... Anybody have any info?
  2. Thanks Marc, there was indeed an error in my index.php coding at "$new_products_category_id = $current_category_id;" Fixed now and working perfectly. Thanks much!
  3. Hello, great contrib - thank you. Is there a way to make this contribution pull random new products from only the current category and the sub catagories that belong to it? (As opposed to selecting from all catagories and sub-categories of the store.) thanks in advance! scott www.tacticaldivision.com www.jungleblowgun.com