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  1. Pardon to be insistent but I believe that not you very well the following thing: Will the password and user's name that I had in oscommerce always request it to me when he/she tries to consent to the control panel? I supposed that starting from installing admin account he/she don't request it again but rather they would begin to be used the new passwords and user's names. I already see that it is independent that it is written: http://www.domain.com/shop/admin http://www.domain.com/shop/admin/index.php In both cases he/she requests me old user's name and their password. Please alone I want to know if I am in an error or it is the normal thing: First he/she appears me a popup requesting me user's name and password oscommerce natives and later those of " admin account ". Is this the normal thing or does something work bad? Thank you
  2. I have already been able to solve the problem that was presented with the shipment when pulsing on password forgotten of an e-mail without password. The solution was in a post of onimusha. :D However now I have a new problem :( : When receiving the mail with the new password he/she appears me as address of the page: http://www.domain.com/shop/admin When pulsing on that address he/she appears me a popup requesting me the old oscommerce password when I installed the store for the first time without "Admin account with level", after writing user's name and password finally appears me the page where I am requested e-mail and password of "admin account with level", he/she would need that appears the address: http://www.domain.com/shop/admin/index.php If appears that second address the error it would not be made of requesting me the old password of oscommerce. Thank you
  3. I am trying to discover reason when I make click it has more than enough password forgotten he/she sends me alone an e-mail with ADMIN_EMAIL_TEXT, but any password. Lament not to know enough English but if some was so kind of indicating me what changes I should carry out so that when pressing password forgotten he/she sent me in password he/she would thank it to him.
  4. I hope I can be understood: I have been able to enter in the control panel using admin@localhost and test@localhost, not you because he/she gave me before error. Now they appear me new problems: 1. Registration a new user with his name and mail, but the password cannot register it neither he gives me option any so that it was sent to the mail address. 2. To try to enter with the name and the new user's e-mail I make click it has more than enough password forgotten and it happens the following thing: 2.a he/she sends me 2 e-mail: one with the password and another with ADMIN_EMAIL_TEXT 2.b. If again I pulse on password alone forgotten again he/she sends me an e-mail with ADMIN_EMAIL_TEXT and without any password. I don't have way to create a new user so that he/she can enter in the control panel. :(
  5. Pardon to use a translating program. I have installed without error admin account and when trying to consent to the panel of administration of my store he/she appears me a new blue screen requesting me e-mail and password. I have used both that are mentioned in the forum but I cannot enter in the store. I don't have way to pass to the panel because it doesn't accept me none of the e-mail or password. That I can make to solve this? Thank you