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  1. Necrosaro420

    [Contribution] Discount Coupon Codes

    In Admin>Catalog>, the module is not showing up to click "install". I have doubled and tripple checked that I uploaded everything in the correct place.
  2. Necrosaro420

    Adding "Purchased List" to Paypal Payment?

    How can I have the list of items that customers have purchsed added to the paypal payment? When I get a paypal payment, it does not say what the items are for and I have to look in the admin section each time, which is really a pain. Thanks!
  3. Necrosaro420

    Best "Coupon Code" module?

    Looking for a coupon code module. I want to be able to set up a code to be used once, and have it give the item they pick for free.....Thanks!
  4. Necrosaro420

    "Item's Purchased" In Paypal Payment?

    Whenever a customer purchase's an item from me (I use paypal only), I get the paypal email telling me how much they sent me, but I do not get a list of any sort of what they purchased. Is there anyway to get this to add into there message automatically? Its a pain emailing everyone back asking them what they purchased. Thanks!