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    Email Templates

    i found the email templates contrib " 26 Jan 2005 - Email Templates" by idabagusmade. you can choose in your orders area custom templates to send to customers. The Problem it adresses: you alway have to send out confirmation emails with the same stuff in it. now you can predefine your emails for your different sales-stages. one click and you have the propper email send out f.ex. "please pay" the problem with this contrib is that it had only 5 variables/placeholders which are put in the text and are substituted at send time f.ex. [CUSTOMER_NAME] for me this was not enough because i wanted to send out the details of the order (sum/products/payment method...) without having to fill it manually in the orders email comments field in adminarea. bevor i?m going to add this i want to discuss it here, since i?m not a super coder and want to KEEP THE CONTRIB Area CLEAN! the author does not seem to have opened a thread, so i?m doing it here. so if anybody is interested in this please post here or mail to vespaschorsch at gmx dot de
  2. killer-g

    Email Templates

    i sat on it last night and i had my and your problem again ... now i was wondering how i solved it the first time. since it was very late i might have missed something. i also made the contrib show the new status set in backoffice in the header of the email. i?m kinda busy right now because german is playing in the confed cup and my friends are waiting for my projektor and i?m off the pc till sunday from tomorrow on. i hope i?ll find out more about the troubles. cu george
  3. killer-g

    Email Templates

    there was a little code problem in this contrib, i wrote the author but maybe he has not changed it yet in here is what he wrote me: Hope this helps. I?m just implementing my enhanced version again and if i find the time i?ll post it here or in the contrib area. If somebody is interested you can also send me an email.
  4. killer-g

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    how can i mark an navigation point as active, when using the urlcat in the template ? this seems to be very tricky. the original navi uses the functions from includes/boxes/categories.php. ->$categoriesbox i don?t really have clue how to start solving this problem, but since i have multiple sites with a handmade navigation (www.freakyphones.de) i need to sove that. thanks for any hint?s george
  5. killer-g

    Abandoned Carts

    got an error in line 125 in stats_unsold_carts.php (ms2) $tprice_formated = money_format('%n', $tprice); ... the money format funktion does not exist in currencies.php so i replaced it like this $tprice_formated = $currencies->format('%n', $tprice); $cline .= " <tr class='dataTableRow'> <td class='dataTableContent'><b>" . TABLE_HEADING_FINAL_PRICE . "</b>" . $tprice_formated . "</td> but i still habe a problem with the total prices which are not shown and is there a possibility to add the tax to the prizes? george
  6. Does anyone uses these two contribs togehter (* Edit orders + Customer Discount)? I have the problem when editing an order with a given discount, Edit Orders is calculating wrong. instead of substracting the percentage it is adding the read out ammount to the final price. So if i?m editing an order i have to manually calculate the Discount percentage of the new final price and put it in with a minus in front of it. Does anyone has a similar problem and can help me out with this? thanks george
  7. killer-g

    Simple Template System (STS)

    thanks for the fast reply. Got it working. But the contact_us is not parsed in. Maybe it?s because i have the information pages addon installed. but the pages generated by this are shown correctly. looked at your bugfix mentioned earlier but this was already corrected by you. here?s the address of the shop i?m currently working on if you would like to try it out. http://www.shop.dasdepot.com
  8. killer-g

    Simple Template System (STS)

    would it be possible to have a hint in the readme or somewhere else about the changes made to the original files? It is not needed for all of them but for ex. the aplication_top.php is changed by a lot of contribs and it is hard to compare each line. thanks for this desperatly needed addon. i?m installing it right now and if it should work for me, my grafic - buddy will kiss me! george
  9. i?ve queueing enabeld for GV but nothing apears in the queue. Where could i look to find the problem? After trying several things i think about letting custommers buy a GV and sending it after the payment out by hand (Email Gift Voucher). Another point for doing this is that since it?s a German site i can?t name the Voucher "GIFT" at the beginning. So the custommer is actually not buying the real gift Voucher implementet by this contrib. How about this solution? Is there a point for not doing this? thanks george
  10. I tried to install this contrib. Had it working with ms1. But somehow it does not work on MS2. Has anybody already installed this contrib on MS2? thankx george
  11. got it working. insertet the code out of the categories.diff by hand. since i have other contribs in there i don?t want to post the code as contrib right now. if somebody is interested in this i can send u my categories.php with comments so you can search where to insert the code. there are no changes to do in the newly inserted code. First time i inserted the snippets i forgot to replace an original piece of code.
  12. i can?t take the categories.php out of this contrib because of other mods (wysiwyg). so i took the diff file and changed things by hand. i?ll try that again and will have a look into some tep_..statements and funktions which may differ in the way you had to change them. tell you when it was successfull. george
  13. Nice Gui and java coding !! it might be a bit early to ask this question, but will there be a possibility to use this if you can?t connect direktly to your db? There are a some providers (for example puretec) wich only allow a connection from the localhost or the specific ip where your webspace is located. george
  14. killer-g


    Can anybody tell me how to switch off the menupionts for nonAdmins? I mean it is possible to disable a menu but the restricted group will still see the Link! thanks george
  15. thanks for your reply, got it working now. For everybody who has a problem with the dir setting: - Look into includes/configure.php there are the DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT, etc. defined so you can see where those tags are pointing to. Now you can write your special directory behind those tags. Here are mine : define("IMAGE_DIR", trim(DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT . "/catalog/images/produkt_bilder/")); define("IMAGE_URL", trim(DIR_WS_CATALOG_IMAGES . "/produkt_bilder/")); My new problem is now when i want to preview a new artikle I get this error Message: Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: upload in /htdocs/.../shop/admin/categories.php on line 594 right before this line i put in the 2nd htmlarea tag. But I can?t find the reason why the upload class doesn?t work. HtmlArea is the only mod i made to configure.php where can i switch specific htmlarea buttons on and off? george
  16. Hi maxi, thanks for your work. I started to use HtmlArea last week...took me quite a while to find that missing Null in the last line of the sql (use_function/set_function). I?ve now installed 1.5 and here are my questions: 1. file htmlarea/config.ic.php : what about the "<?php ??" in line 412 2. the image upload won?t work - how do i reset the image dir in line 16 (i?ve osc in a subdir http../shop/catalog/) in the img. manager i don?t see the content of catalog/images/ - do i need netbpm to resize / upload ? - is there an upload limit to the size / dpi or can i set it? - do i need to set chmod of img dir to 777 ? I have some more questions but i?ll keep them until the upload works. thanks george (to everybody upgrading: clear browser cache to see new image manager-popup!)