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  1. _belly

    fast easy checkout

    Thanks for all your help Nana! Great contribution. :)
  2. Interesting. Thanks for the tip Chooch.
  3. Man, this mod is pretty crazy. Too many long nights... :blink:
  4. Anybody in here got CCGV going will the full easy checkout? I had CCGV going until I eliminated the first checkout page - can't get my new order totals to update anymore. :(
  5. The DB update for deducting credit from acct is a function.. function apply_credit() found in ... includes/modules/order_total/ot_coupon.php try to trace out where and when its called - I found this earlier tonight... trying to debug err msg generating from the same file. <sigh.. 22 hrs straight 2day and runnin outta juice ... >
  6. Ok, This is probably the wrong spot to post this, but I've got a very beta css version of the shop running on my test server. This includes the ez checkout, ccgv and various other mods, but I'm not sure how the site is displaying in browsers other than firefox version 1.07 and IE version 6.03... The CSS work has cost me well over 100 hours, and I'd love to get it solidified. :-" If anyone is using IE 5 or a variant thereof, Opera, Mac based browsers or an earlier version of Firefox, can you quickly check out some of the pages? Please PM me or if this is worthy of another thread, let me know and I'll switch over to it. You can check out the site at: https://secure.sonicmend.com (only money order payment is enabled in checkout, and please use sparingly) FYI, CCGV is not working properly for me yet, though it is the next priority for me (Wednesday of next week). Thanks, Darren P.S. I'll be offline for the next couple days but expect me back mid week
  7. checkout_process.php -- starts at line 79 for me: $sql_data_array = array('customers_id' => $customer_id, 'customers_name' => $order->customer['firstname'] . ' ' . $order->customer['lastname'], 'customers_company' => $order->customer['company'], 'customers_street_address' => $order->customer['street_address'], 'customers_suburb' => $order->customer['suburb'], 'customers_city' => $order->customer['city'], 'customers_postcode' => $order->customer['postcode'], 'customers_state' => $order->customer['state'], 'customers_country' => $order->customer['country']['title'], 'customers_telephone' => $order->customer['telephone'], 'customers_email_address' => $order->customer['email_address'], 'customers_address_format_id' => $order->customer['format_id'], 'delivery_name' => $order->delivery['firstname'] . ' ' . $order->delivery['lastname'], 'delivery_company' => $order->delivery['company'], 'delivery_street_address' => $order->delivery['street_address'], 'delivery_suburb' => $order->delivery['suburb'], 'delivery_city' => $order->delivery['city'], 'delivery_postcode' => $order->delivery['postcode'], 'delivery_state' => $order->delivery['state'], 'delivery_country' => $order->delivery['country']['title'], 'delivery_address_format_id' => $order->delivery['format_id'], 'billing_name' => $order->billing['firstname'] . ' ' . $order->billing['lastname'], 'billing_company' => $order->billing['company'], 'billing_street_address' => $order->billing['street_address'], 'billing_suburb' => $order->billing['suburb'], 'billing_city' => $order->billing['city'], 'billing_postcode' => $order->billing['postcode'], 'billing_state' => $order->billing['state'], 'billing_country' => $order->billing['country']['title'], 'billing_address_format_id' => $order->billing['format_id'], here>>> 'payment_method' => $order->info['payment_method'], 'cc_type' => $order->info['cc_type'], 'cc_owner' => $order->info['cc_owner'], 'cc_number' => $order->info['cc_number'], 'cc_expires' => $order->info['cc_expires'], 'date_purchased' => 'now()', 'orders_status' => DEFAULT_ORDERS_STATUS_ID, // the following field has been moved from orders to order_status_history // 'comments' => $order->info['comments'], 'currency' => $order->info['currency'], 'currency_value' => $order->info['currency_value']); tep_db_perform(TABLE_ORDERS, $sql_data_array); $insert_id = tep_db_insert_id(); I found this in 30 seconds - you can too: 1. download ultraedit http://www.ultraedit.com 2. install 3. Search > "find in files", enter "order" in the search box, browse and point the search start to your local copy of the website (root folder), make sure "search subdirectories" is checked and "match case" isn't, and away you go. :thumbsup:
  8. David, not sure here, but I don't think the Gift Certificate SHOULD clear the other payment boxes, as I believe it is treated as an "added on" payment option. If it was intended as an exclusive option, it should be in the form of another radio button, and in such case, clear the other payment options. For instance, if the total is 100.00 and you want to use a $50 gift certificate, payment from CCard, Paypal or whatever is still required. Now what I'm NOT sure about is if the Gift Certificate meets or exceeds the payment amount - what will happen if a user has CCard info filled out? On the checkout confirmation page I'd EXPECT the payment method (other than the Gift Certificate) to be invalidated - but I'm not sure what will happen as I haven't tested it out.
  9. Fredrick, I'd be hesitant to to install CCGV on a working shop. I've got mine installed on a test shop, along with the easy checkout mod and a CSS conversion that I've still yet to complete. To me a large part of the problem is the lack of clarity about the mod (as with many others). I would be much happier if there was a psuedocode layout about what this mod does, and where it happens, rather than trying to "reverse engineer" it for troubleshooting. It seems we are getting a better understanding in time, but don't expect this mod to work for you straight out of the box, and even if it seems to, you would be well advised to test it thoroughly. I have an earlier post recommending an installation path that worked well for me, but to say I had no issues arising from the installation would be a misnomer. In fact, I've yet to really test it out, as I'm working on some other modifications at the time. Once I test it for production, hopefully next week, I expect issues to arise and will attempt to post any fixes that I can figure out. All the best, Darren
  10. Nate, As a quick thought, I'd look at the point where it is doing the order total update once a coupon is redeemed. As far as I can tell, this is done at the start of the checkout confirmation page.. the coupon amount is determined somewhere in there and applied to the order. After this, the "error" message.. something like "coupon successfully applied" is set, then it kicks you back to the payment page with an updated order total.. I wish I could help out more but I'm just too pressed for time this week. Regards, Darren
  11. Alright :) BTW Squintz, I'm workin on it.
  12. Ah Crap. Sorry, I'm wrong.. it shows up in payment box. :blush:
  13. For me, the GV payment option shows up as payment option checkbox inside the coupon redeem box. (just below the redeem code input form box) This will show itself either above or below your payment entry box, depending on where you inserted the redeem code in your file.
  14. Post #3703 lists what version / fixes I used. and a couple pointers to boot, but I'd personally test the crap out of it before going live.
  15. yes, but I don't use the Paypal extension and I'm still in testing. I'm setting up the easy checkout mod on top of this and I've read some posts from users in easy checkout forum that completed ccgv and are doing the same.