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  1. I have the same problem. Email from shows approved order yet OSC does not show an order for the customer. Shipping address and billing address the same in my case. Two orders from the same customer. OSC shows NO orders for the customer. How do you log into the customers account with no password? Thanks
  2. Hi all First, should say "extra Countries" in the title. This is an FYI. I'm updating a store by installing a fresh copy of osCommerce 2.2 rc2a with QTPro 4.51b. I notice when in admin, if I clicked customers, I would get 4 warning messages above the customer list. Of course, on a new installation, the only customer was "John Doe". I did not notice at what point the warnings started to appear so I started the installation again, this time, checking customers in admin after each change. The errors started again after I deleted all the countries I would not be shipping to. I added a new customer (myself). When I clicked customers again, the 4 warnings would appear if I clicked John doe and vanish if I selected myself. OK - the warnings only appear with customers that existed BEFORE the extra countries were deleted. I tried to delete John Doe, but couldn't due to the warnings. I had to go to PHP_MyAdmin and delete John Doe from the MySQL database there. Every thing seems to work OK, or at lease reasonable, now with no warning messages. Just an FYI Curtis
  3. Thanks. I had copied the files from the remote server to my local PC to simplify editing. I missed the .php files in the languages folder. That would explain why my file search never located them. I have downloaded the files now. Thanks a million Curtis
  4. Hi I'm new to all this osCommerce and php stuff so I need a little help. I'm trying to find where HEADER_TITLE_MY_ACCOUNT, HEADER_TITLE_CHECKOUT and HEADER_TITLE_CART_CONTENTS in header.php are defined. I've done a search for files containing each and the only result I get is header.php. Variables such as FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SHIPPING were easy - filenames.php. Thanks