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  1. bentsteal

    help with USPS Methods 2_9_5_1

    Here is some additional info: I'm having the same issue with and I get the error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_GLOBAL, expecting ')' in /home/gssibra4/public_html/ausz/AUSZadmin/modules.php(216) : eval()'d code on line 1 on the admin screen for USPS just below the page banner when I select EDIT function. So I grabbed the module.php file from 2.9.2a_1 and replaced my manually edited version of modules.php and I get the same "bad" behavior.
  2. well, I feel a bit .... :blush: since the answer to my question is in the install instructions and the code for 2.9.5 sorry for the unneeded clicks :rolleyes:
  3. I am activating the USPS methods for shipping on a site installed from 2.2 MS2 (051113) and obviously want to upgrade to USPS Seemed easy enough -- download and replace files with those provided unless newer versions already present on site - do a diff and resolve as needed. However, when I got to the SQL update I find that the two records for WHERE configuration_key='MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TYPES_INTL'; and WHERE configuration_key=' :blink:MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TYPES '; are NOT in the DB. can anybody tell me where these were introduced and on a larger topic IF I AM DOING THE RIGHT THING or if I should be doing this another way... >_<
  4. bentsteal

    Change default country dropdown list

    Hi actually you want to change the includes/languages/english.php at about line 140 // pull down default text define('PULL_DOWN_DEFAULT', 'United States');