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  1. mattcald

    Featured Products

    I need to modify the featured.php file under the admin directory to show more than just the name. I need that drop down on the admin of the featured items to show the name, the model, and whatever else is already shown. We sell apparel, and one design can be a t-shirt, a long sleeve, a cap, etc. If they are all named the same, you can have 6 items call "yadda yadda". You don't know what you are featuring until you select one, and go look at the page. anyone have any ideas?
  2. mattcald

    Alt Tags...

    ahh, I am using MS1. I did not see a need for upgrading just yet.
  3. mattcald

    Alt Tags...

    I did a search in the contributions, and on this forum, but I can't find anything. Is there a contribution that supplies ALT tags to images for the carts? I have a client that is VERY consious of those with disabilities, and has requested alt tags. Any Ideas?
  4. mattcald

    Purchase Without Account

    Repost with all of the files included please. It it diffucult to decifer which items I need to download. I had a wuick question about this contrib too. When a customer purchases without an account, does their info still get captured by the database?
  5. mattcald

    XML-Export for AllInOne-Office

    I haven't got a clue.
  6. try this: open the CSV file in WORD. do a find for : nr (assuming that this signifies a newline in your CSV file) and replace it with: ^m it should create "newlines" that microsoft junk can read. Excel doesn't recognize the nr tag at the end of the line.
  7. This contrib was posted today, I have tried to use it, but have not had any luck. Has anyone else tried to use this? It is in German, so I couldn't understand half of the code :?
  8. dang, how many stinkin' downloads do have to do to get the whole contribution??!?!?!?!
  9. I would be interesed in a flat file as well!
  10. I could use a contrib for this one as well!! anyone?