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  1. I'm looking for a feature that allows me to generate subarticle to a product. For example: the customer chooses a ground pizza and then can choose multiple incrediments to the cart.
  2. vanGogh

    a MUST for attributes!?

    maybe it wasn't clear. I know that I can admin attributes for products. And for a single attribute it works. another example, customer buys a pizza and he has to or he can choose between several things he can put on.
  3. is there any contribution which brings a pop-up or so to choose an contribution as a MUST. Simple Example: the customer bys a mouse and HAS TO chosse which type of port he wants. Regards Stephen
  4. I need a modul, which allows me to setup individual shipping costs by postcodes. there are no requirements for weight-calculation or so. If the customer is located in postcode area 38300 he has to pay 2 Euro for example. postcode-areas would work fine as well (38000 - 38500 f.e.) Regards, Stephen
  5. Hello! I just installed Extraship 3.1 - my Shop is located in Germany, I have test-customer who is also located in Germany. But Extraship don`t uses the national fees for the Postcode-area the customer is located. It always calculate shipping costs on the international area - no matter, which contry-code I configure there. Where is the problem???? Thank you very much in advance! Stephen stephen@skvincent.de
  6. vanGogh

    Script for Product-Image insert

    That is the easy way, if I have a picture for every product. But I don't. I only have pictures for a part of products, but put more in daily. That is, why I need a script, which I can start any time to check for which products images are available. Regards, Stephen
  7. Hello! I'm looking for somebody who can write me a little php-script. I have to upload several thousands products. But not for all I have a picture. So, what I like to have is a script, which searches the image-folder for available imagefiles and put these into the product-table. The image-filename is identically to the products_model. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance! Stephen