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  1. redhair

    A CSS based Menu Support Thread

    Hi George, Thank you for your help. It works!! My bad I didn't change the config setting.. I am sorry. Don't worry I am not going to use your pictures even thought your picture is a real nice... I just wanted to see how it would look like with fresh install oscommerce 2.2ms2 since I tried manually with modified oscommerce and didn't work... Now I am going to compare them. There are no different between 2.2rc2 and 2.2ms2. Thank you. Best regards, Satomi
  2. redhair

    A CSS based Menu Support Thread

    Thank you so much for your reply. I am sorry my explanation is very bad. I tested it with default oscommerce 2.2ms2. I still have problem with the category. You can take a look. there is no <br> so all categories lines up. http://blacknickle.com/shop/ Thank you. Best regards, Satomi
  3. redhair

    A CSS based Menu Support Thread

    Hi, Thank you for this contribution it sounds good but mine doesn't work... My oscommerce version is 2.2ms2. Is it why? I my category shows http://mydomain.com/store/index.php-------->catetory1http://mydomain.com/storeindex.php------------continue.... When I change back original category.php it working fine. Please help me! Thank you. Best regards, Satomi
  4. redhair

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Hi everyone!! I need a help here. I installed V4.3.1 today. Somehow my option is not working. there are only 15 empty boxes below "sort order" option. I reinstalled but it's still same. my API is working fine I tested with default USPS module. Thank you! Satomi