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  1. Zolti

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    @duch. You must set Decimal Point: . Thousands Point: , Decimal Places: 2 in Currencies setting when total value by ok :thumbsup:
  2. I have installed in my shop Infobox_skin _manager 2.0 and no skin in product_list. How repair mums? By change in file stylesheet.css? or as otherwise,? Product listing in my shop
  3. Zolti

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    Super Empo! :thumbsup: Shop working OK! I think that, it was in shoping cart better computer array have, than individual elements of computers. What think you of but it?
  4. Zolti

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    You must chmod 777 file ../build/config.inc.php !! You must read what your comp write :thumbsup:
  5. Zolti

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    Hi! I've installed pc creator 2.0 and on "build computer" page I see prices without tax. Tax is added only in shopping cart. I'd like to have prices with tax added shown on "build computer" page. How I can do this? My 2nd question is: how I can allow to choose more than 1 piece of specific hardware, can't make "QTY" drop down list to work. Big thanks for your good job :rolleyes: