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    Basic Design Pack Support

    okay, I found exactly where you said to enter the background, so sorry. I was working on the text on main page and somehow messed up something. I'm uploading a stylesheet (yours) that has greens on the banners ( change from pink), but it's not taking and somehow on computers besides mine, the page isn't centered and there are NO colors on the banners. What can I do to fix this, I have refreshed, and even rebooted and cleared cache. They are different and it's not accepting the color changes. Can you tell from here My Webpage what I've done wrong? For me it's centered, the only thing is the colors won't change. But on 3 other computers with the same monitor settings as mine, it's full page, no header colors at all.
  2. tiG

    Basic Design Pack Support

    I'm getting pretty close, thanks so much for this template. But i want to add a background image. I saw where you said to put it, but I'm not sure what to put. Can you tell me please??