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  1. rustybolt

    Ultimate SEO URLs v3.0 Features

    just a quick one regarding your original SEO URL contrib ive installed. I have created a seperate index.php page and named the store shop.php. However every SEO link now brings up the new index.php page with correct html links etc. Is there a setting in your contrib that will change the index page to shop.php page ive renamed it to, as i cant have your contrib turned on atm. many thanks Russel
  2. hi there ive looked to no avail, does this contrib work with Easy Populate. If it does, which version, if it doesnt is it easy to get it to work or maybe someone has tried it and failed. if anyone can help that would be great Russel
  3. Hi Steve thanks very much buddy, your suggestion to drop the " works perfectly, wonder why it doesnt understand them?? Anyway thanks again for your help, you saved me from pulling my hair out! top man!!
  4. Hi everyone i have come across a problem with images i want in my description and Easy Populate muddles the code when its up loaded? I basically have some other images in my product description using basic html, this is an example of the code ive used: <img src="http://www.mystore.co.uk/images/products/examplepic.jpg" align="baseline" border="0" /> when i use this code in the normal way of adding products via OSC it works fine and the image shows, however if i use this code in the excel file im using to upload my products it doesnt show? Ive tried adding the \ before the " like you need to with the apostrophe character and no joy? Ive looked at the code of the page and instead of there been a " character there is & # 34 but bunched together, ive just edited this as it showed a " instead of the code on this post?? Is there a special way of adding the " character or a way of adding images to the product description, i must have missed something. thanks for your help Russel
  5. done it, with a little research in Office help, the date format is set in: Start, control panel, regional and language settings, date can be changed from dd/mm/yyyy to yyyy/mm/dd, this updates Excel and now my contrib is working i guess others will have to watch out for this as its a setting that needs to be changed in windows thanks for the help guys keep up the excellent work Russel
  6. Mr Druid i have sorted or nearly the problems with a little help from your post. the html pic shouldnt have the http//www.etc instead it just starts with images/etc.jpg, i dont why this is or whats telling it where the image folder is as its only html and i presumed it needed the full address but hey its working! and the date thing is everythime i put the date in excel it auto changes the correct way, ie 2007/11/08 is changed by excel to 08/11/2007 as soon as i press enter. thats why it looks a year in front. Where is the setting to turn this feature off in excel, its like an auto correct function anyone help!!
  7. thanks Druid, i have that version and its sort of working?? 3 questions and hopefully 3 answers and i should be up and running!! 1. I have added the date as shown in PDF as 2006/11/08 in both dat added and date available fields but when looking at the product in admin it says date added and date available as the 20/11/2007, i have done this 3 times to make sure it didnt do anything wrong the 1st time but the with same outcome? 2. i have in my description a bit of html that dispays a small jpeg showing what colours are available ( <img src= blah, blah ) but when this is added to description in the description field and uploaded it doesnt display the pic, only a pic placement which i right clicked and in the address for the pic it has %22 in parts of it, what have i done wrong? 3. Lastly if i want to have new attibutes do i add these in admin first then download a blank file with these or if i create new ones in the spreadsheet then upload will they be automatically created for me.? thanks everyone for the help..
  8. thanks all, however 2.76c isnt there? i must be blind, anyone link for me?
  9. Hello all i would like to add this contrib to our site so i can add many products at once, however which one is the one to use, there are so many versions and bug fixes i am really confused. I have a clean install so to speak and want to be able to copy product attributes as well. Anyone advise, it will be a great help...
  10. rustybolt

    how do i know which post service was chosen??

    Does my problem lie in the contribution or in the actual programme?
  11. I have installed Royal Mail recorded, and special delivery modules and these are working fine. I have also chosen the zone based rates module which is working fine as well. However when i look at the customers order it doesnt say which service was chosen and i am unable to see this in the invoice generated as well. How do i make it show the postage costs in the order and on the invoice?? many thanks.
  12. rustybolt

    Can someone help me set up UK deliverys!

    i think ive fixed this, thanks everyone
  13. ive recently installed 2 shipping modules. UK Recorded Delivery and UK Special Delivery. However, these are only working ok to a point. If the weight is over a certain weight the recorded delivery option doesnt disapear from the checkout, it stays there but shows a price of 0.00. Therefore a customer can order an item for 2KG and doesnt have to pay shipping. How do i make the options disapear from the checkout if the weight doesnt fall within that shipping method? It is the same with the zone shipping method which i have named "Courier" If an order of a say 200g is placed i dont want to offer this option only the royal mail one, how is this controlled. any help greatly appreciated. Russel
  14. rustybolt

    Help with setting up shipping

    mmm, what is the purpose of this option then?
  15. rustybolt

    Help with setting up shipping

    right ive sort of figured something out but... any weight i add into the product description the shipping modules add approximatly 2KG?? why would it do this? a product that weighs 0.2 kg is showing up as 2.2 KG in the checkout thus overcharging the customer for post, im probabaly losing sales theis way. What is happening, is there a default setting for this? help from anyone appreciated.!!