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    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    ep will add a new product if there's a new model number for the product or if it's placed in a new category. but i believe you can remove the old product by typing "Delete" instead of "Active" in the v_status field, or you can set it as "InActive" to keep the item in your ep file without having it show up on your site. HTH. Mike
  2. smashing_machine

    PHPList integration to OsCommerce

    Chris, I checked out the phplist forums, and found the topic where this contribution started out. It looks like there were some changes to the code to simplify things if you have phplist in the same database. Do you have the original files prior to those changes. If so, I'd appreciate if you could send those to me. I've got a solution for signing up via the home page without an account, and administration once they have an account, but I don't have a solution for the create account part of the process. Thanks for your help Bro :thumbsup:, Mike
  3. smashing_machine

    article manager 1.2b-1054-'a.authors_id'

    I had this problem. I wrapped the FROM statements in () and it works fine now. Something to do with the way the new MySQL 5 functions are prioritized. before - ("select count(*) as total from " . TABLE_TOPICS . " where parent_id = after - ("select count(*) as total from (" . TABLE_TOPICS . ") where parent_id = HTH
  4. smashing_machine

    PHPList integration to OsCommerce

    Hey Chris, PHPList is working fine and it's installed in a seperate database. After seeing the oscommerce database at the beginning of the that error I'm beginning to think it's a problem with the way the sql queries are put together in account_newsletter.php, but I'm not sure. The host name isn't localhost for this installation because I'm in a shared server environment. When you create a new database you have to create a new hostname for that database, so no two are the same. That's why I thought that might be an issue. Thanks again, Mike
  5. smashing_machine

    PHPList integration to OsCommerce

    Absolutely, I have a different hostname for my phpList database, and I didn't see anywhere in the configuration where you could specify the database hostname. That leads me to believe that for the database queries it's using the DB_Server define from the configure.php. I could be wrong, the error I'm recieving is an 1146 Table 'MyoScommerceDatabase.MyphpListDatabasephplist_user_user' doesn't exist. This is happens when I access the account_newletter.php from account.php. Hope that helps, let me know if you need more info. Cheers, Mike
  6. smashing_machine

    PHPList integration to OsCommerce

    Hello, My host requires each mysql database to have a different host name. I don't see any definitions for hostname in the phplist define file. Anybody know if this is possible, and if so what mods would be required? Thanks and Rock on, Mike