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  1. Discover some bugs recently. Will post an update soon when finish compiling.
  2. freezehell

    Easy Populate Error

    easy populate is cool! But can we mod this OPENDB so that we can add items like books, games, dvds....blah blah from amazon.com?? http://opendb.sourceforge.net You can get books or dvd..etc details from amazon.com into the database ...with just one click!
  3. I dont know where to post this, so bear with me. Have anyone thought of adding products like OPENDB does? http://opendb.sourceforge.net You can get books or dvd details from amazon.com ...with just one click!
  4. freezehell

    Manual Entry question

    Will manual entry work for my unemployment store? http://wire.homeip.net:8880/catalog/default.php
  5. freezehell

    Live Support Fix

    I just installed livesupport1.3 with the fixes here. works great and i am surprised that the fixes here wasnt released to the contributions. I made some changes to the refresh rates on both the tech and user and also the waiting for calls module. Now i need someone to test with ...please someone come to my site and click for live support at the bottom left of the page. http://inbox.webhop.net thank u