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  1. tallwang

    Add order manually

    I have a problem with order information. After customers make the payments, they often ignore the "back to shop" buttom to return to my site from the payment processor and thus fail to see their order records. So is there an add-on to enable administrators to manually add these type of orders? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Sorry for my English. I want to create a series of Discount Coupon Codes, ... about 1,000 per month, and bundle them to a catagory. Would you like to tell me how to create and bundle them? thanks.
  3. tallwang

    CSS Menu

    I tried this version. It has same problem in Firefox 2.0. It always show the first sub-menu in spite of which menu I pointed. Please visit http://www.kanzazhi.com/catalog/index_t.php. Thank you.
  4. tallwang

    CSS Menu

    Thank you. Please visit http://www.kanzazhi.com/catalog/index_t.php in FireFox2.
  5. tallwang

    CSS Menu

    I installed it tonight. It don't work properly in FireFox 2.0 either. And I have a question now. How can I add products_model after products_name? thanks.
  6. Thanks for your reply. It really helps. I have one more question: my online store sells digital magazines. One kind of magazines shares the same title, but each has a unique issue number. For example the April issue, September issue. But now the problem is in Related Products section, the list shows just the title of the magazines but not the issue number. So the buyers may not be able to find the issue they need. Thank you for your help.
  7. When I ran product_info.php, it noticed: 1146 - Table '******.TABLE_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_PRODUCTS' doesn't exist select pop_products_id_slave, products_name, products_price, products_tax_class_id, products_image from TABLE_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_PRODUCTS, products_description pa, products pb WHERE pop_products_id_slave = pa.products_id and pa.products_id = pb.products_id and language_id = '4' and pop_products_id_master = '40' and products_status='1' order by pop_order_id, pop_id But table "PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_PRODUCTS" is exist. And there are 3 "Related Product" in my admin panel!! How to fix it? thanks.
  8. thanks. but how to solve my question??
  9. I have a online digital magazine shop, customers can download the digital magazine after they finish payment process so there is no shipping fee. There are two prices per magazine, the single issue price and the subscribe price, and I want to show the two prices at porduct_info page, but the contribution only list these individual product prices at shipping page. help me... thanks.