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  1. psduua

    Need to get Authorize.net working today

    Did you have any luck? It seems like the ratio of questions to answers in these forums is about 9 to 1...
  2. psduua

    Cannot process a credit card successfully

    I'm having the same problem with this module, only I didn't have Authorize.net working before; I was using PayPal WPP. I eagerly look forward to a solution, or failing that, a way to get meaningful error messages!
  3. Sorry, I guess I forgot to mention that the attributes (i.e. the values in the registration form) are different each time the item is added to the cart, which means that the customers_basket.products_id is indeed unique each time. We haven't had any trouble getting the information out of osCommerce that is put in; the only problem is that people are confused by the shopping cart display, because it looks like they've registered one person multiple times instead of multiple people once each. Has anyone else tackled this problem before? If not, I'll give it a shot... --Ben
  4. Hello again... another feature I'm having trouble finding in the contributions: Is there an existing contribution that will include the attributes of each item ordered in the confirmation email for that order? In other words, if I order a green fibble extender and a blue fibble extender, I want the email to say so rather than just saying I ordered two fibble extenders. Thanks in advance. --Ben
  5. Hi, folks. I've searched the contributions and forums and can't find what I'm looking for, so I hope you won't mind me picking your brains... I'm using osCommerce for event registration, and if a customer wants to register multiple people for the same event, she adds the same registration form (item) to her cart multiple times. Trouble is, the shopping cart only shows the most recent addition with a quantity number by it, giving her the impression that the first registration has been lost. Is there an existing contribution (or built-in option!) that will disable the quantity column and show each item in the cart separately instead? Thank you in advance! --Ben