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  1. Sapro

    Fedex Real Time Quotes Not Working

    The realtime quotes contrib includes a Fedex meter # ... why is this no longer working?
  2. ok I figured out part of the problem. There was only one indvship.php file in the most recent package and I uploaded it to both directories modules/shipping languages/english/modules/shipping So of course it was trying to call that function twice ... it was the same file. I grabbed an older package and it had the correct files. Now the admin area modules page shows "Individual Shipping" as an option. But I still don't see how to use it... there's no extra field to enter shipping cost when you create/edit a product. Ideas?
  3. This thing has been challenging but I'm sure it will be worth it. I're read and re-read the instructions, and have gone through the entire setup. My initial problem was the I double checked all the files to make sure those 2 lines weren't being used elsewhere, they weren't. I eventually made the error go away by commenting out line 14 on /admin/includes/modules/shipping/indvship.php Of course that left me with a spare } at the bottom of the file so I took that out too. Ta-da, the error went away and MODULE_SHIPPING_INDVSHIP_TEXT_TITLE now appears on my shipping modules list. I turned it on with Tax Class -none- and Zone -none- then turned off all other shipping modules. It doesn't do anything. I don't have an option to enter shipping prices in edit or add product view, and checkout stalls at shipping, which displays no shipping options. This contrib is exactly what I need for this project, can anyone advise me on what I might have done wrong?
  4. My site died! For some reason I am getting the following errors: The code there looks like this: // include the language translations require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '.php'); Wierd thing is that this was working fine. Made some other changes which didnt work, re-uploaded the original files, and now it's not working. This is a live site that has been operating fine since April. Can anyone help me here?
  5. Thanks for the reply. I've got it. In case anyone wants to know, Here's what I added to /catalog/includes/sts_user_code.php : $sts_block_name = 'bannerarea'; require(STS_START_CAPTURE); require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'banner_box.php'); require(STS_STOP_CAPTURE); $template['bannerarea'] = strip_unwanted_tags($sts_block['bannerarea'], 'bannerarea'); Then I made a file called "banner_box.php" in the /catalog/includes/boxes directory. The file was simply the php code used to insert the rotating banners I use elsewhere on the site. In place of the static image on /catalog/includes/sts_template.html and /catalog/includes/sts_templates/template.php.html I put the text "$bannerarea" Thanks again. Site is almost done and I'm getting very excited as everything comes together!
  6. What about templates that use php includes (ie banner / random image)? The sts_template.html ignores my php and so I have a nice blank spot where my image goes. Here's the working version: http://www.bridalworkshop.com/indexnew.php The image directly under the logo is a rotating banner (click refresh a couple times and it will change). But to make this work in the ecommerce section I have to manually enter HTML to a static image. Is there an easy way around this that I'm not thinking of? http://www.bridalworkshop.com/shop/