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  1. Siremat

    [add-on] Discount Code (support)

    I like the clean setup of this contri, so first my compliments to high-quality-php-coding and Graphics Guy (and others)for the support. I was wondering if it is possible to show the discount incl. tax. So it looks like that the customer get's a greater discount amount Btw, I read about the % problem, I have also tested the 10% discount in version 2.5, and I had a good tax calculation and total amount
  2. I have also tried the no conflict code mentioned a few post before, like this: <?php /* Here you can fix some diverse variables you would like to exist for use in your standard comments in you database. The $payment_reference is an example. If the customers name is "John Doe" and the order_id is 125, then $payment_reference will be "John D 125". In my webshop I ask my customers to use that as their payment refference. */ $payment_reference = substr($order->delivery['name'],0,strpos($order->delivery['name'],' ')+2) . ' ' .(int)$oID; ?> <script type="text/javascript" src="../includes/jquery.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"><!-- var $j = jQuery.noConflict(); $j(document).ready(function(){ // Here we will use jquery to alter some html with javascript after the page is loaded. //This will make the contribution very easy to install obviously. $j("[name=status]").filter("select").attr("id","theStatusDropDown"); //Give theStatusDropDown a propper id. $j("[name=comments]").filter("textarea").attr("id","theCommentTextArea"); //Give theCommentTextArea a propper id. $j("#theStatusDropDown").change(onSelectStatusChange); //Define the onChange function for theStatusDropDown }); function onSelectStatusChange(){ //We will now uppdate the theCommentsDropDown by giving it the different the standard order comments avaliable $j("#theCommentsDropDown").children("option").remove();//This will remove all options from the drop down. var ChoosenStatusID = $j("#theStatusDropDown").attr("value"); //Get the order status ID currently choosen in the drop down. //Here follows if-statements that will addCommentsOptions depending on what ChoosenStatusID is. //These if statements are generated by php in combination with database entries. <?php $standard_order_comments_query = tep_db_query("SELECT status_id, comments_name, comments_id FROM standard_order_comments WHERE languages_id='" . (int)$languages_id . "' ORDER BY sort_order"); while ($standard_order_comment = tep_db_fetch_array($standard_order_comments_query)) { echo ' if(ChoosenStatusID == \'' . $standard_order_comment['status_id'] . '\'){addCommentsOption(\'' . $standard_order_comment['comments_name'] . '\',\'' . $standard_order_comment['comments_id'] . '\');}'."\n"; } ?> //set the text in it to the first one in theCommentsDropDown. In case something was there the user did not want to be overwritten, it can be revived using ctrl-z setComment(); } function setComment(){ var ChoosenCommentsID = $j("#theCommentsDropDown").attr("value"); //Get the ID of the choosen standard order comment. This ID is the same id as in the database (comments_id) //Here follows a case statement that will set the textarea depending on what ChoosenCommentsID is. //the statement is generated by php that takes the standard order comment from the database. switch (ChoosenCommentsID){ <?php $comments_query = tep_db_query("SELECT comments_id, comments_text FROM standard_order_comments WHERE languages_id='" . (int)$languages_id . "'"); while ($comment = tep_db_fetch_array($comments_query)) { eval('$temp_comments_text='.$comment['comments_text'].';'); $temp_comments_text = str_replace(array('"',"'", "\r", "\n", "\0"), array('\"','\\\'','\r', '\n', '\0'), $temp_comments_text); //Make the string a javascript one by fixing the newlines and special chars etc.. echo ' case \'' . $comment['comments_id'] . '\':setCommentText(\'' . $temp_comments_text . '\');break;'."\n"; } ?> } } function setCommentText(text){ document.getElementById('theCommentTextArea').value = text; } function addCommentsOption(text,value) { var optn = document.createElement("OPTION"); optn.text = text; optn.value = value; document.getElementById('theCommentsDropDown').options.add(optn); } //--></script> <tr> <td class="main" style="padding:0px 6px;"><?php echo '<b>Standard Comments: </b>' . tep_draw_pull_down_menu('theCommentsDropDown',array(),'monkey','id="theCommentsDropDown" onChange="setComment()"'); ?></td> </tr> But even that seems not working, are I did make the wrong changes... and I have also copied jquery.js in both includes maps, but no change
  3. Working offline with xammp I have added this contribution to my website, but I had / have a problem with it. I have already installed it a few times, it's very easy. I followed the instruction to add standard_order.... to orders.php, run the .sql file, copied the files to the server. Then I started to check, yes it works! I can see the example text when I changed order status, as it should be. I also tried to work out soms status text with my status Id, and also have checked it. That's working fine. But then I shutdown my computer, a few hours later I started my computer and browser again, went to orders.php and tried to change the order status, that works but the dropdown list with standard order comment stays empty. Also there is no auto fill in anymore. Looking in the sql database, table is still filled. Anyone an idea?
  4. Siremat

    Customer Testimonials v1.0

    found: in catalog/customer_testimonials.php find 'testimonial' => $testimonials['testimonials_html_text'], replace with 'testimonial' => nl2br($testimonials['testimonials_html_text']), and if you want order the testimonials by date change order by rand() into order by date_added desc
  5. Siremat

    Customer Testimonials v1.0

    I've got v6 when a testimonal has enterd, the text hasn't got any line breaks, anyone else that has the same? how can I solved that? perhaps something like nl2br?
  6. Siremat

    PDF Catalog v.1.5

    I'm also having the trouble to change the layout. I just can't find a way to change it. So far I found only questions for this matter. Anyone who can tell something about it?
  7. Siremat

    [CONTRIBUTION] Subcategory textboxes

    Hi Chris, I have found something else... When you have a category, with none description, but with a copied (linked) product, it shows the description of another categorie. I don't think their is a solution for, because your watching a individual product.
  8. Siremat

    [CONTRIBUTION] Subcategory textboxes

    Thank you Chris for your support, it works Fine! (off course)
  9. Siremat

    [CONTRIBUTION] Subcategory textboxes

    My version v. 2.0.3 osc. v.2.2 RC2a I have the following problem; double textbox in product_info.php, only with linked (copy) products, single textbox in not linked products. Situation: products are in different main category's example (my site is in root, not catalog): catalog/hardware/product3 (problem) catalog/hardware/product4 (no problem) catalog/others/product3 (problem) catalog/others/product5 (no problem) code from product_info.php if (tep_not_null($product_info['products_model'])) { $products_name = $product_info['products_name'] . '<br><span class="smallText">[' . $product_info['products_model'] . ']</span>'; } else { $products_name = $product_info['products_name']; } ?> <?php // BOF category descriptions if (DISPLAY_EXTRA_CATEGORIES == 'true' && DISPLAY_CATS_ON_PROD_LISTING == 'true'){ if ($product_check['total'] >= 1) { // now get textbox description for this *product* and display $query = tep_db_query("select categories_description from " . TABLE_EXTRA_CATEGORIES . " left join " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_TO_CATEGORIES . " using (categories_id) where " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_TO_CATEGORIES .".products_id=" . (int)$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'] . " and " . TABLE_EXTRA_CATEGORIES .".language_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "'"); while($category_info_text = tep_db_fetch_array($query)){ if(!empty($category_info_text['categories_description'])){ // prevent output where description not set for particular language echo ("<tr><td colspan=\"2\"><div class=\"cat_info_box\">".$category_info_text['categories_description']."</div></td></tr>"); } } } } // EOF categorie descriptions ?> <tr> <td><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td class="pageHeading" valign="top"><?php echo $products_name; ?></td> <td class="pageHeading" align="right" valign="top"><?php echo $products_price; ?></td> Perhaps their already is a solution and I missed that, if so sorry.
  10. Siremat


    I know you already found a solution, I found it in another post of yours... It has to do with SEO-G For those who are finding a solution... add: RewriteEngine On in .htacces in your admin